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Managing Android Mobile Devices using Desktop Central

From 'Big Picture' to 'Granular insight'
A single view to assess your entire network gears health
Network Monitoring Software

With supports a wide range of vendor network devices out-of-the-box, OpManager makes a hassle-free deployment to get an universal performance and health outlook across your network gears viz. router, switches, firewalls, VPN concentrators, WAN accelerators, Wifi devices and their interface or switch port traffic.

Visualize bottlenecks and drill down to the problem in a click

The topology maps with live device and the link status and traffic weather maps help you quickly spot the problematic circuits and drill down to the core of the problem in a mouse click. You can even project this map to your data center or Network Operations Center (NOC) screens to know whatís going-over your network.

Network Monitoring Software
Get granular visibility to circuits that matters to your business
Network Monitoring Software

Any outage or intermittent connectivity or service degradation at WAN and VoIP circuits considered expensive for business productivity. By leveraging Cisco IP SLA and OpManager, now you can dive deep on these critical links to even know hop-wise visibility on where the outage/ delay had happened, irrespective of whether it resulted in your network or at the service providerís end.

Know whatís happening to your network bandwidth

Most part of IT OpEx is consumed by bandwidth bills, dig deep in to your network bandwidth information and know what and who is consuming the bandwidth, when and where it happened, which quality-of-service the traffic is going through. Ensure you make the best of investment with prioritize traffic and monitoring how it worked for you.

Network Monitoring Software
Trail network configuration changes and manage compliance
Network Monitoring Software

To err is human, but you cannot afford to risk faulty upgrades to your critical network devices. With OpManager now you can track and audit any configuration changes to your network devices, roll-back the configuration in a click, automate configuration changes and firmware upgrade, ensure compliance on your network devices changes.

Know devices connected to switch ports at once

OpManager's Switch Port Mapper gives you the list of devices connected to a switch with the device's MAC address, IP address and DNS name.

Network Monitoring Software
Lament spreadsheets to Live IP address management
Network Monitoring Software

Manage your network IP address space, know how many IPs left out in a subnet, see the connected devices state, system name, device type, owner & more...