Desktop Power Management

Go Green with Efficient Desktop Power Management Techniques

Apply Power Schemes, Turn Off Screen Savers, Shutdown Inactive Computers and cut your Energy Costs

Key Features


Apply Power Schemes

Define and apply appropriate power schemes to reduce power consumption during system idle

Turn off Screen Saver

Screen savers consume up to 25% more power than the normal screens. Save power by turning off the screen saver

Shutdown Inactive Computers

Schedule shutdown of computers after off hours. This alone will let you save up to 76% of your energy cost.

Power Management Reports

Get the system up time report to keep a check on your go green initiative



Power Calculator

Check for yourself the amount you can save by turning off the computers after office hours.

Data Sheet

Take an in-depth look at how Desktop Central Power Management can help you save power.

What is Power Management?

Power management refers to a set of practices involved in standardizing the power settings in all the computers in a network to achieve optimal power consumption. These practices include creating various power schemes, enabling computer idle settings such as hibernate, remote shutdown, turning off monitors when not in use, disabling screensavers, inducing a computer into sleep mode after a period of inactivity etc.