Software Inventory

Software Inventory

Software Inventory Report

Desktop Central periodically scans all the computers and servers in a network to collect and store hardware and software inventory details. This data is presented in the form of reports with details about software along with the usage metrics for each computer/user. With our software metering and license management capabilities, Desktop Central is the only solution you'll ever need for a comprehensive management & audit of your software inventory.

Desktop Central has the following set of features and capabilities for managing, controlling and securing software inventory in enterprises:

Software Metering

Software Inventory Report

Keeping a track of software usage is an integral part of software inventory. You can collect the usage data for applications used across your network by specifying metering rules. This can be set up in a few simple steps and once the metering is enabled, you'll be able to view the number of computers the software is installed on, the usage time and the usage count. This is especially helpful in cutting down costs for commercial software as you can determine the number of licenses actually required by monitoring software usage.

Software Licensing

License details for commercial software being used can be added in just a few simple clicks. Once the licenses are added and have been associated with the respective software, detailed reports on software compliance can be viewed, and notifications will be triggered before a license is about to expire.

Prohibiting Software

Software can be prohibited across a network by specifying the name of the software and you can set up an auto uninstall policy. Users can request for a prohibited software and it's possible to approve it for the desired computers. You can also prevent execution of applications from an external drive by blocking executables.

Setting up Notifications

Software Inventory Report

You can set up a notification every time a software is installed or uninstalled in your network. This can be narrowed down to alerts for commercial or prohibited software and notifications can be set up for when the software compliance status is "Under Licensed", or when the usage limit for a license drops down to less than a specified percentage.

File Type Scanning

Using Desktop Central, you can set up rules and scan file types across your network to gain visibility and to determine the type of files that exist on computers and the space being occupied by them.

Software Reports

You can view the following software inventory reports using Desktop Central:

Security Certificate Management

You can upload, track and distribute third party SSL certificates using Desktop Central in just a few clicks. This way, you can store and manage all the certificates from a central console.