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Data Center Remote Access Management with Password Manager Pro

Secure, One-Click Access to All Remote Devices with Full Password Management

Typically, data centers limit direct access to remote devices via SSH and Telnet connections due to security reasons and network segmentation. Instead, data center admins working remotely must first connect to a landing server and then "hop" to the target system. In some cases, admins must make multiple hops before ultimately connecting to the target devices. At each step of the remote access process - from the initial landing server to each subsequent hop and the target device - the admin must provide the username and password as well as know the IP address of the landing server.

In a mid-sized company, typically, an admin needs to connect to data center resources about 50 times during a shift. They need to respond to various requests requiring access to data center resources as quickly as possible. However, when a problem hits, admins often end up struggling to trace the connected equipment, the IP addresses, usernames and passwords. Credentials of data center resources are kept in text-files, excel sheets etc. and are insecurely handled.

This traditional remote access management of the data center can be cumbersome and time consuming. Password Manager Pro centralizes the management of all those credentials and access controls, so users are spared the burden of authenticating themselves at each stage of a remote access. Instead of requiring users to authenticate themselves at every hop and then again when they reach the remote device, Password Manager Pro handles all login and authentication steps automatically, giving admins one-click access to their remote data center resources.

Password Manager Pro Refines Remote Access and More

Password Manager Pro simplifies the entire remote access process. Administrators can now configure landing servers and their login credentials and then associate them with the resources being managed by Password Manager Pro. In turn, admins can launch a one-click connection with the remote resources without worrying about the intermediate hops. While the admin experiences a direct connection, Password Manager Pro automatically executes all of the intermediate hops in the background, establishing a connection with each landing server and finally with the remote resource.

In addition to gaining remote access, administrators can also use the landing server configuration in Password Manager Pro to reset passwords of data center equipment that are multiple hops away. Admins can change passwords as well as verify that passwords stored in Password Manager Pro are the same as those associated with the resources and with the remote access.

With Password Manager Pro, there is no direct connectivity between the admin’s device and remote host. The connection will always be tunneled through the Password Manager Pro server. Similarly, the passwords needed to establish remote sessions do not need to be available at the user’s browser. These mechanisms combine to establish highly secure, extremely simple remote access.

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