Exchange mailbox restorations
with RecoveryManager Plus.

RecoveryManager Plus can back up mailboxes from both on-premises
Exchange Server and Exchange Online tenants.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can:

  • Restore entire mailboxes or specific mailbox items.
  • Restore mailbox items to the same mailbox they were backed up from, or to a different mailbox in the same Exchange Online tenant or Exchange organization.
  • Restore items from a backup of an Exchange Online mailbox to a mailbox in your on-premises Exchange Server and vice-versa.
  • Export an entire mailbox to PST format for archival.
  • Export only specific mailbox items that satisfy required criteria to PST.

How to restore mailbox items from an Exchange mailbox backup.

  • Identifythe backup file

    identifying exchange or office 365 mailboxes
  • Mark the mailboxes

    mark deleted mailboxes

    Select entire mailboxes.


    Select individual mailbox items.

  • Confirm your selection

    mailbox selection
  • Select the target location

    choose mailbox restore location

    Restore items to the original location from which it was backed up.


    Restore items to a different mailbox in the same or different Exchange Online tenant or on-premises Exchange Server.

  • Choose the restore options

    configure mailbox restoration options

    Restore items (all mailbox items except emails) that have had their values modified.


    Restore items (all mailbox items) that were deleted.

How to back up Exchange mailboxes

Learn how to back up mailboxes in your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online environment using
RecoveryManager Plus.

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How to export an Exchange mailbox to PST

Learn how to export Exchange mailboxes in your on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online environment to PST format using RecoveryManager Plus.

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