RecoveryManager Plus Backup Highlights

For any organization, Active Directory information is a crucial collection of data. Of late, backing up of Active Directory information has gained a new meaning. Backup is no longer seen as a process to restore tombstone objects during times of emergency but as a process that additionally helps in ​managing and controlling AD changes.

Backup of AD information becomes important for the following reasons.

  • Accidental deletions can cause loss of productivity hours.
  • Any restoration process is not complete without AD information being restored back to its consistent state.
  • Many services are dependent on Active Directory. The inconsistent state of an AD system can have direct impact on all such services.

RecoveryManager Plus Backup has the following highlights

  • Active Directory Data Integrity – All changes made to Active Directory objects like deletion of an object, attribute level change is updated to the backup. This maintains the backup in a consistent state.
  • Incremental Backups – Only incremental backups are created for all changes done to AD objects. This ensures that only the changed attributes between two versions are transferred to the backup.
  • Rollback Point - Rollback Points are created whenever a backup operation is run. Select a Rollback Point to undo all ​changes done to that object post that point in time.
  • Version Management – By maintaining version level backup for every AD change, there is flexibility to rollback all changes or changes corresponding to a single version alone.
  • Flexible Backup Settings – Backup settings can be configured by specifying the OUs, objects and even specific attributes. The backup scheduler frequency can also be customized.
  • Dashboard View – From the dashboard, details like status of backup, time taken and date of backup can be known.

RecoveryManager Plus backup assures all the characteristics of a good backup system by maintaining recent backup copies and ensuring that the backed up data is consistent.

Active Directory Recovery Management and Change Control
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