RecoveryManager Plus Restoration Highlights

In Active Directory management, backup and restore are like lifesavers, which could bail you out of trouble during an AD data loss crisis. RecoveryManager Plus offers a comprehensive list of features for backing up and recovering AD objects, and the foundation required for implementing a backup and recovery plan for your organization. For all organizations, whose main focus is data protection and compliance with regulatory acts or best practices, RecoveryManager Plus promises to deliver a scalable and efficient data protection and recovery solution, helping businesses to resume quickly.

Changes to Active Directory data can happen in a number of ways – you might accidentally delete an AD user object, change any of its property, or an accidental script could delete a bulk of user objects. Under such scenarios, restoring the system back to its consistent state should be done as swiftly as possible. Thankfully it is really simple with RecoveryManager Plus, the Active Directory Change Control backup solution that aids in restoring the modified Active Directory objects back to the server in less than a few minutes.

The following are the highlights associated with the RecoveryManager Plus restoration process

  • Version Management – Lists the number of changes or versions that each AD object has gone through thereby aiding in complete version management
  • Complete RestorationRestore the deleted AD object replete with its associated attribute values and group membership information without restarting the server. This is in contrast to the normal AD restore process done using native tools where there is a possible risk of losing group membership information
  • Snapshot Comparison Compare the backup snapshots across multiple versions; get a complete knowledge on all the previous and current values for an AD object
  • Attribute level Restoration – Not just plain restoration of a tombstoned object, you can even restore the required attribute values by choosing across multiple versions for an AD object
  • Preview – Prevent rolling back of wrong values by getting a preview of the value to be restored before the actual restoration process
  • Search Capability Search the backup database for a specific deleted AD object across any time period or OU

Such restoration process helps an administrator to focus more on controlling and managing the individual attribute level changes. With its capability to restore data online and granularly, the ​RecoveryManager Plus surpasses native tool’s Active Directory restoration capabilities, and restores your AD to a point in time, when the unwanted change had not happened.

Granular Rollback of Modified AD Objects
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