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Incremental backups

Azure Active Directory (AD) objects undergo many changes, like the users' passwords, the resources shared to each user, or the groups to which they are a member of, on a daily basis. While most of these changes are intentional, some may result from an errant script or an unintentional click. It's of paramount importance for administrators to find out what changes happened to each object, and be able to revert any unnecessary change before it can cause further damage. RecoveryManager Plus' incremental backups feature is designed to do just that.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can periodically back up all changes made to objects in your Azure AD environment. Every change made to objects is backed up and stored as a separate version. This allows administrators to easily track the various changes made to objects, and restore the object to any particular version instantly.


Version tracking: Track the number of changes made to an attribute, and the date and time of changes so you can pick the right set of changes.

Version history: Generate a comprehensive list of all the values the attribute has held over time, and select the version you wish to restore.

Granular restore: Restore a single attribute, a few attributes, or even the entire object to any of its previous values instantly.

Periodic full backups: Make a full backup of your Azure AD environment at fixed intervals to prevent the chain of incremental backups from becoming too long.

Backup retention: Define the number of full backups to be retained, and discard older full backups, along with all subsequent incremental backups, to save storage space.

Rollback: Roll back your entire Azure AD, a few groups, or even individual objects to a previous backup point, and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.

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