Features of RecoveryManager Plus

Virtual Environment

Backup all parts of your VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and restore them to any of the backed up state instantly. Learn More »

Backup all the VMware virtual machines in your ESXi servers restore them to any of their backup versions instantly.

Backup all your Hyper-V virtual machines and restore them instantly to any of their backed up state when the need arises.

Active Directory

Backup all parts of your Active Directory, including the entirety of your domain controllers and the individual objects in them. Restore domain controllers, specific objects, or even specific attributes of individual objects depending on your requirement. Learn More »

Back up all parts of your domain controllers including the system state, data in system partitions, and AD database. In case of disasters, non-authoritatively restore your domain controllers to the last working state instantly from the available backups.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all attributes of a user during the backup process. This enables you to restore either all the attributes or only specific attributes such as the users' group membership, last set password, and much more at the time of restoration.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all changes made to groups including addition or deletion of group members, change in rights and permissions of security groups, and so on. During restoration of groups, linked objects are also restored if they have been accidentally deleted.

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can now backup and restore all group policy objects in your domain. Track each change made to GPOs and undo any specific or all undesirable changes made to them.

Using RecoveryManager Plus, backup all AD objects present in an OU/container in a single click. Restore delegation permissions that were previously assigned while restoration of deleted OUs/containers.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all computer objects in your domain. When a computer account is restored, the last set password of the computer account is also restored thereby re-joining the computer to the domain instantaneously after restoration.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to backup DNS zones and DNS nodes in the domain. Using this feature, you can easily track your domain's DNS configuration changes and back them up for easy restoration in case of disaster.

When recovering a deleted user, RecoveryManager Plus also restores the group memberships of the user along with all other attributes. All security permissions that were assigned to the user will also be restored, facilitating authorized users to access sensitive resources without any delay after restoration.

Track and query changes made to mailbox users, distribution groups, mail users and mail contacts. Perform scheduled and incremental backups of Exchange-related attributes, and restore or rollback these changes, either partially or completely.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all attributes of a contact and allows you to restore either all the attributes or only specific attributes in case of any modifications made to that object. It also restores linked attributes like the contacts’ distribution group membership, manager and direct reports at the time of restoration.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to restore individual attributes of objects that have been modified. This offers greater level of control to administrators and makes change management simpler.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to define a backup retention period and dispose of backup information that is no longer needed. Incremental backups that exceed the retention duration are assimilated into the full backup and a copy of attribute values is stored in the full backup.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to roll back the entire AD, particular OUs or even individual objects to a previous point in time. Rolling back will undo all changes made to that object or OU after the selected point in time.

The recycle bin in RecoveryManager Plus lets you restore deleted AD objects and all attributes including group memberships and passwords in a single click. It also allows you to restore parent objects of the deleted object if they have also been deleted.

RecoveryManager Plus can reverse even the smallest of undesired attribute value changes. This tool tracks all changes made to objects and can be used to undo any modifications made to them.

RecoveryManager Plus maintains multiple versions of backup for each object. It empowers you to restore or rollback to the version that you desire. It offers you a preview of what changes would occur with each version making the process simpler.


Administrators can add users who do not need full administrative privilege as technicians, which allows those users to carry out certain backup and restoration tasks. Users can be assigned the role of an auditor, an operator or an admin, with each role providing varying levels of administrative access.

Restart Free Recovery

RecoveryManager Plus lets you perform recovery operations without having to restart your domain controllers. As you don't have to restart the servers, you can ensure continuous, high availability of domain controllers for all the users who are already logged on and for users who may be attempting to log on.

A single pane of glass for Active Directory and Virtual Environment Backup