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Centralized password management

Consolidate all your passwords into one secure, centralized repository.

With the proliferation of privileged accounts in enterprises, the number of passwords that must be protected has also grown substantially. Tracking all these passwords is a daunting task and, eventually, people write them down or store them on spreadsheets and other electronic platforms. However, such practices are dangerous and may lead to unauthorized users gaining access to the passwords.

Moreover, when remote teams maintain such localized password databases, there will be increased instances of outdated passwords and coordination issues, impacting operational efficiency.

To avoid mismanagement of sensitive passwords, you need to inventory the passwords belonging to all your departments under a centralized repository and administer direct control over them. Password Manager Pro serves as a centralized password vault and helps consolidate account credentials in one single place by directly adding or importing from CSV and TSV files. Apart from that, it also offers centralized management, defense against intrusion, and fine-grained permission levels.

centralized password management-Password Manager Pro
Password Manager Pro serves consolidated account credentials in one single place

Make no compromise on data security.

Password Manager Pro's vault, designed to ensure high security, banishes password vulnerabilities in your environment in the following ways:

  • Passwords are encrypted with AES-256 algorithm, the strongest known encryption that the US government has approved.
  • Data is also dually encrypted once at the application level and then at the database level.
  • The RDBMS serving as the centralized repository is configured to accept only secure connections forces SSL mode for client connections, and clients can connect only from the same local host. In cases where the web server and RDBMS have to reside on separate servers, the configuration enforces connections only from specified IP addresses.

Organize your passwords into groups to perform bulk operations quickly.

De-clutter your password database and navigate easily with Password Manager Pro's grouping options. Organize your passwords into groups and sub-groups, such as Windows passwords and Linux root passwords, based on your enterprise requirements. Maintain a hierarchical list of your groups with tree-view options to conduct bulk operations, such as sharing or password changes, on select groups as needed.

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