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Password management with two factor authentication (2fa)

An additional protective layer for user authentication ensures that only the right people have access to your sensitive resources. Password Manager Pro introduces this extra level of security through two-factor authentication for access to the application's web interface.

Password Manager Pro provides multiple options for both authentication levels. The available options for primary authentication include local, AD or LDAP, RADIUS server, or Smartcard authentication.

Similarly, you can use the following methods for the second factor:

  • PhoneFactor - This leading global provider of phone-based TFA enables simple and effective security by placing a confirmation call to your phone during the login process.
  • Unique password through email - Authenticate by emailing users unique passwords. The passwords validate the user for one login session and then expire.
  • RSA SecurID - Integrate RSA SecurID with Password Manager Pro to generate a one-time validation token that changes every 60 seconds.
  • Google Authenticator - Time-based numeric tokens developed by Google can be received by installing the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone or tablet device.
  • RADIUS-compliant TFA - Leverage the authentication mechanisms of any RADIUS-compliant system, such as Vasco Digipass, to create one-time passwords.
  • Duo Security - Leverage the Duo security authentication as the second level of authentication.
  • YubiKey - Generate one-time passwords with YubiKey as the medium for the second level of authentication.
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    2 factor authentication settings in Password Manager Pro

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