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Automated password resets

Convenient as it may be for IT teams to use the same password for every privileged account on the network, the practice is unhealthy and ultimately fosters a fundamentally insecure environment. Secure management of privileged accounts requires the usage of strong, unique passwords that are periodically reset. Password Manager Pro's automatic password reset capabilities help get rid of unchanged passwords and protect your sensitive resources from unauthorized access.

Automatically assign strong passwords for remote resources and rotate them periodically.

Password Manager Pro provides password reset support for a wide range of target systems. Passwords can be changed any time on demand or automatically randomized at periodic intervals through scheduled tasks.

Automated password resets

Apart from on demand and scheduled tasks, you can also configure passwords to be automatically reset after every usage, when share permissions are revoked, and upon expiration, as set through password policies. Password Manager Pro automatically resets the concerned passwords and assigns strong ones using its password generator.

Optional agent-based password resets over secure one-way communications.

Password resets can be carried out in one of the two following modes in Password Manager Pro: agent-less or agent-based (by deploying Password Manager Pro agents in remote hosts). For agent-less password resets, Password Manager Pro directly connects with the target system and changes the password.

On the other hand, agent-based resets come in handy when you have to reset passwords for resources without direct connectivity, such as those in DMZ locations or with firewall restrictions. To accomplish those password resets, Password Manager Pro deploys an agent to the remote host, which executes the task. All communication between the agent and the application server is one way and over HTTPS.

Trigger instant alerts upon password change. Generate extensive reports.

Email notifications can be triggered to select users both before and after password resets. All reset actions are captured on Password Manager Pro's audit trails. Additionally, the administrator can also generate custom reports that showcase lists of modified passwords, including a reset history for each resource.

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