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Password Manager Pro has earned the business and goodwill of scores of customers worldwide. Its deployment has immensely benefitted businesses in many ways. The following are a few samples:

Banking / Finance

With offices in over two dozen locations and client reception centers in multiple cities, the reputed private bank in Netherlands handles assets worth billions of Euros. The bank, marching towards is tercentenary, replaces a highly complex and expensive privileged account management solution with Password Manager Pro; achieves security for critical IT infrastructure easily.

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Based in Ohio, Kokosing Industrial is one of the largest construction contractors in the Midwestern United States. John C. Gallucci, senior technician on Kokosing's Tech Support team, uses Password Manager Pro to enforce strict controls around the user accounts that have access to their firm's valuable ERP information such as payroll, human resources, and other data related to accounting and project engineering.

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Media & Entertainment

Famous worldwide for launching the digital video recorder (DVR), the reputed firm dominates the advanced television entertainment market with its interactive streaming services. The global leader currently depends on Password Manager Pro to fully control and closely monitor remote access to its data center resources from two different locations and to consolidate privileged account management.

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Service Providers

Based in Limburg, Netherlands, Kembit is a managed service provider (MSP) delivering high-quality IT services to various organizations, ranging from local SMEs to multinational corporations. In order to secure the sensitive IT assets of all its customers, the service provider uses Password Manager Pro to centrally store all privileged accounts and passwords, along with granular access controls, restricted sharing privileges, and effective user auditing.

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Infrastructure Provider

The large infrastructure group, which successfully creates utility assets in the United Kingdom, uses Password Manager Pro to secure internal and third-party access to its ICT systems and services, redefine its traditional password management practices, automate password resets for service accounts, and eliminate hard-coded credentials.

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Virtualization Platform Provider

The R&D division of a US-based virtualization platform provider,global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions serving over 300,000 customers deploys ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to solve virtual security challenges by controlling access to hundreds of physical devices and thousands of VMs and vApps.

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Nova, lceland's Leading 3G Mobile Service Provider Uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro for Secure, Automated, Policy-Driven and Centralized Password Management; Replaces Insecure Traditional Practices nova-logo

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Wageningen UR replaces traditional, hardcopy password management practices using ManageEngine Password Manager Pro; achieves improved operational efficiency & internal controls.

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Australian Catholic University, one among the premier institutions in Australia uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to provide web-based, centralized access to privileged passwords to its geographically disparate IT team; implements password access control and enhances internal security.

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Retail Distribution & Re-Distribution

GoFrugal Technologies, which specializes in retail, retail distribution and supply chain management solutions uses ManageEngine Password Manager Pro to securely store privileged passwords in a centralized system and strengthen security of the IT infrastructure.

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