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"Password Manager Pro covers all the features we need. Particularly, the ability to launch, record and playback RDP and SSH sessions with remote resources is very nice. Overall, we are very happy with the product. Its working out very well for the team."
Vinh Nguyen
IT Security Engineer
TiVo Inc.
"We got just what we needed at just the right price with Password Manager Pro and it was really easy to implement as well. Shared admin passwords are now saved in a secure vault. Overall, it's been a very positive experience."
Butler University
"We are using Password Manager Pro to manage 200+ passwords of more than 65 servers and other critical systems. It has been a real godsend for us. We feel comfortable that all our resources are recorded and we can give secure access to our servers as per needs."
Sherry Horeanopoulos
Fitchburg State University

"For effectively managing IT systems in an organisation with multiple domains and applications, it's become essential to store passwords in a safe, secure and functional way. Password Manager Pro is an easy to use tool, that provides us with everything we need to achieve our password security goals."
Phill Charlton
Infrastructure Specialist
Sara Lee Information Centre of Excellence
Australia & New Zealand
"We require PasswordManager Pro to store, track, manage and secure our key production system passwords. In addition, the auditing of who retrieve what passwords and when allows us to meet internal and external auditing policies as set forth by SAS70, Sarbanes and other mandates."
Ken Wilkey
Euronet Worldwide Inc.
Kansas, USA
"The automated, policy-driven password management provided by Password Manager Pro has made us realize how inefficient and insecure the traditional 'excel sheet storage' approach was. Usage of Password Manager Pro is certainly the best practice approach for us."
Stefan Stefansson
"With Password Manager Pro, managing the growing list of system passwords has become much simpler. We have done away with the insecure practice of keeping the passwords in printouts. Password Manager Pro has improved our performance and overall security of the systems we manage on a daily-basis."
Mark Laffan
Team Leader
Network & Communication Systems
Australian Catholic University, Australia
"Our attorneys and staff love Password Manager Pro. It is easy for them to use and gives a secure alternative for all the passwords they are required to use with court filings."
Kevin Davidson
Director of Information Security
Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP

"Password Manager Pro is an excellent choice for password management. The application is reliable, dependable, and the support is fantastic. I am confident in the security the application provides at a fraction of the cost of alternatives."
Don Garvey
Director of Operations
BlueVault, USA

"We are highly impressed by the rich functionality, ease-ofuse, performance and security aspects of Password Manager Pro. It has turned out to be the winning choice for us and we would recommend Password Manager Pro to any IT department."
Remon Klein Tankm
Security Architect - IT Infrastructure,
Wageningen University and Research Centre,
" Password Manager Pro allows administrators to design policy to monitor and audit all privilege access through a single pane of glass. We find this product to be an excellent value for the money. Password Manager Pro offers a great feature set at a very reasonable cost."
Product Group Test
(Privileged access management)
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Martijn Dirkx
System Administrator, SeaChange International, Netherlands.

Great product,
World Class Support Team!
"The pricing model of the product is very good, the best I've seen. The product works great and with issues you can count on the support team of ManageEngine. They know their product and help you in every way they can. We even had a custom patch fixed for us in a day. Never seen this kind of commitment to a customer ever before."
System Administrator, Senior Systems Analyst, Christie Digital Systems, Canada.
Excellent resource.
Easy to use and maintain.
"It is great to keep passwords for devices, external sites, internal application accounts all centralized. We even have this server as part of our DR. The ease of implementation and management is what I like best. Overall, it is a great product."
William Johnson
Data Warehouse Analyst, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

Reliable Self Service
Password System.
"Ease of use, have been using it for years now to hold all of our service account passwords. People love the way they can go in and help themselves to shared passwords and the admins love the fact it audits everything the users do. Password Manager Pro has been superb for us in moving from a simple paper based system locked in a cabinet to an extremely safe and secure online system."
Said Youssef
Senior Security Officer, Chisholm Institute, Australia.

Powerful application for managing enterprise passwords.
"With Password Manager Pro, we solved problems revolving around the use of administrative accounts. Centralized password management, automated password resets, and reporting are some features that we like best."
We invited the great IT minds on Spiceworks to give Password Manager Pro
a try and share their honest feedback. Here's what the Spiceheads feel:
"ManageEngine's Password Manager Pro seems to be pretty robust. From downloading itself, it is really easy to get up and running and sync with Active Directory and very simple to share passwords to exactly who needs them. I can also restrict who has access to what and, as a single IT dept., I can easily rotate passwords at ease. Every session that I can remotely set up is recorded so it could be helpful with contractors."

Joaquin Abos
"Remote password reset and Windows service account reset are some of the tools I found good for our firm. Record sessions and active remote sessions are also worth using within this utility. All in all, I found this is a great tool for security auditing and automating services such as key changes."

Julian Gus
"Deployment is easy and fast. Dont need much Pre-requisites as long as you have an updated windows server. It has a strong integration to active directory and an encrypted vault for database. Password share with groups and password reset (scheduled) become easy but I found this is bit slow in my lab, not sure if it is my fault. Plus I like the part that you can share password without users see it. I have tried it with my consultant and it was a success."

Matthew Price
"Password Manager Pro provides a simple and effective way of managing passwords across the enterprise network without stretching a lot. It works as it is supposed to be, easy navigation on web interface, great help section, and tools like remote sessions make it a top solution of its kind. It is a great software every system admin needs to use."

MX Security
"Password Manager Pro comes with amazing tools to manage servers. I like the RDP sessions and SSH from server and it is very easy to manage our VMs in a data-center, especially SSH logins. Gone are the days you need to open putty and type long passwords. Now logins are piece of cake, simply open the link and start using it. Now you don't have to worry about password leaks when using contractors and all passwords are accountable. Great tool."

Ajaib N
"This one is a very impressive product. It has so many features that makes it so powerful. The ability to remotely connect to Telnet/SSH/RDP and record the sessions are things we need most when working as a single IT staff. Password auditing can't be any better."

M Chance
"ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a comprehensive application that has the potential to help you better organize your work as a network administrator by offering a convenient way to store, manage and share passwords, credentials and other types of sensitive network or system-related information."
"Password Manager Pro has some nifty forensic tools wrapped in, including one that lets you record video of privileged sessions."
"Our RDP/SSH sessions are recorded live in Password Manager Pro. We are able to play it back and see what someone has done. And the reporting and auditing is very nice. Our compliance team really enjoys the regular reports and updates."
Vinh Nguyen
IT Security Engineer
TiVo Inc.
"We are using Password Manager Pro for nearly five years. It has helped us do away with manual password management. It also covers our need for privileged identity management with discovery and session recording capabilities. Overall, Password Manager Pro is a very good solution to boost productivity."
Muhamed Noufal
Assistant Manager, Database & Systems Security
Leading bank in Middle East
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