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Real-time alerts and notifications

Comprehensive auditing may be touted as the best feature of Password Manager Pro, but it's certainly not the only one. When it comes down to it, real-time alerts and notifications are what really make your life easier. Password Manager Pro sends real-time alerts for all audited operations, including access, modification, deletion, changes in share permissions, and various other events. You can also generate SNMP traps and Syslog messages to management systems to detect anomalies quickly.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Instant notifications when passwords are accessed, shared, or changed.

Receive email alerts when end users access or modify the passwords shared with them. Moreover, when share permissions are revoked for a particular password, Password Manager Pro automatically resets that password and notifies selected recipients.

Know when passwords violate your IT policy or expire.

Password Manager Pro identifies any passwords that violate your corporate IT policy or have expired and notifies you. In these cases, Password Manager Pro can also assign strong, unique passwords, ensuring consistently strong security.

Ensure password synchronization with regular integrity checks.

Receive notifications when passwords stored in Password Manager Pro do not match those of the target systems. Every day, Password Manager Pro does an integrity check and instantly informs you of any mismatched passwords to avoid account lockouts.

Ultimate convenience with real-time alerts or daily digest emails.

You can choose to receive notifications for various events either as real-time alerts or a single daily digest. For daily digests, the alerts on different events are sent in a single email with all necessary information at the end of each day.

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