How to add a Configlet?

Follow the steps given below to add a cofiglet in Network Configuration Manager:

  • Go to "Settings" >> "Configlet" >> "All Configlets" and click "Add" at the top right
  • In the UI that opens, provide a name for the configlet in the text field for 'Name'. In the text field for 'Description', provide details about the new configlet (for easy reference in future)
  • Select the mode in which you wish to upload the configuration to the device. You can select any of the three modes - TFTP or command line mode or Advanced Script Execution mode. In TFTP mode, the file transfer will take place through TFTP. In the case of command line mode, the commands entered would act as scripts and would be executed in command line mode. You can view the output of the execution and generate the output as PDF too. While the file transfer via TFTP is restricted to the normal configuration update, command line script execution is much powerful, in the sense that it can execute commands in privileged modes such as configure terminal mode. The 'Advanced Script Execution Mode' is still more powerful as it provides the option to execute a series of inter-connected commands on a device in command line. 
  • Click here to know more about Advanced Script Execution Mode 
  • In the text field 'Configlet Content', enter the configuration commands that are to be uploaded to the device. While entering the configuration command, use $<variable_name> to create a Variable. For instance: snmp-server community $COMMUNITY RO (here, "$COMMUNITY" is the configlet variable).
  • The value of 'Configlet Variable' can be specified when the configlet is uploaded to the device
  • Click 'Save'. The new configlet is added to the list of Configlets