How to add a new SysObjectID to NCM?

To add a new SysObjectID into NCM please follow the steps given below:

  • Go To Settings > NCM > SysObjectID Finder
  • Click Add 

  • Provide the device ip for which you want to add sysobject id

  • Provide other required details and click Next

  • If the SysObjectID is already present in NCM, you will see the associated device template on next page

  • If SysObjectID is not present in NCM, it will show you the SysObjectID on next page and you can assign it to appropriate device template

  • If you already know the SysObjectID for your device, you can skip the first page and add it directly on the next page and assign it to a device template

Newly added SysObjectID can be seen under Custom tab of SysObjectID Finder page