How to discover network devices in Network Configuration Manager?

Follow the instructions given below to discover devices in Network Configuration Manager:

  • Go to Settings > Discovery > Network Discovery
  • Select option through which you want to discover the devices (IP Address, IP Range or CSV file)
  • Based on your selection provide the IP address of the device, or the ip range of the devices or browse and select the csv file from which you want to discover the devices
  • If you chose to discover devices with CSV file, please click on "Sample File", to view the syntax in which you have to provide the discovery details. Click here to learn more about how to use CSV file to discover devices. Ignore this step if you have chosen IP Address or IP Range.
  • Select appropriate credentials from the list of available SNMP credentials, if the credentials are not pre-configured, you can always use the Add Credential button to add new credentials.
  • Click on Discover