How to enable/disable real time change detection?

Follow the steps given below to enable/disable real time change detection:

  • Go to Inventory>>Devices.
  • Select the devices in which you want to enable/disable change detection.
  • Click on the 3 horizontal dots at the top right corner to get device option list.
  • Click on "Enable Change Detection" from the given list.
  • Select "Enable" or "Disable" operation based on your requirement. If you select Disable, skip to the last step.
  • Select the desired Syslog server IP address from the given drop down. NCM has a default Syslog Server for receiving all the syslog messages, but you can configure your own third party server for this operation. Please click here  to know more.
  • Select a logging level. Click here to know more about logging levels.
  • Click on "Update".

 Also, know more about how real-time change detection benefits in Network Configuration Manager benefits you by keeping track of all changes.