How to provide credentials to devices?

Please follow the steps given below to provide credential to a device.
  • Click on the credential icon  in the list of devices in Inventory to open the Add Credential slide. Alternatively you can select one or more devices from the list and click on the 3 horizontal dots  on the top right corner of the page to get more options and click on "Apply Credentials" option.
  • Once the device selection is done, select a credential protocol (SSH, Telnet, etc..)
  • Provide the login name, password and other authentication details in the slide and click on save.

You can also create a credential profile by clicking on "New Profile". This profile can be used for future credential association where you have to give the same credential as saved in the profile. In that case you can just select the profile from the list and NCM will fill in the rest. Apart from providing primary credentials, you can also provide additional credentials if the device supports and requires that, by clicking the "Additional" option.