Network Configuration Management, Network Change & Configuration Management Software, Network Device Management

Configuration Management

Multi-vendor Network Device Configuration

  • Provides an integrated solution for complete change and configuration management for devices from multiple vendors such as Cisco, HP, Nortel, Force10, D-Link, Juniper, NetScreen, Juniper, NETGEAR, Dell, 3Com, Foundry, Fortinet, ADTRAN, Enterasys, Huawei, Extreme, Proxim, Aruba and Blue Coat.
  • Device configuration through SSH, Telnet, SNMP & TFTP protocols
  • Provision for bulk operations such as configuration backup and download

Device Addition & Inventory

  • Automated device discovery using ICMP, SNMP & TCP Ping
  • Snapshot of devices in the inventory
  • Credential profile to reuse credentials across devices

Encrypted Storage of Device Configuration

  • Device configurations are encrypted and stored in the Network Configuration Manager database, thus making the whole process secure.

Contextual, side-by-side comparison of Configuration

  • Configuration changes pertaining to each device are maintained as separate versions and changes between any two versions can be easily identified as changes are presented side-by-side, highlighted by relevant colours.

Change Management

Real-time Configuration Tracking

  • Real-time configuration change tracking through syslog and scheduled backup
  • E-mail notification on detection of changes
  • Detailed device configuration history providing who changed what and when

Easy Troubleshooting & Quick Recovery

  • Quick recovery for devices with misconfiguration
  • Reverting to any safe version available in configuration history
  • Automatic rollback to a safe configuration on detection of any configuration failure

Compliance & Automation

Network Compliance

  • Provision for examining device configurations for compliance to a defined set of standards/criteria/rules and reporting the compliance status
  • Automated Compliance Check: Support for associating compliance policies to devices, thereby automating the compliance check for each change in configuration
  • Option to define your own compliance policies to cater to the standards of your organization

Configuration Templates & Scripts

  • Templates and scripts have been provided to automate configuration operations. The templates & scripts enable applying configuration changes to multiple devices at one go. Also, the templates provide the benefit of carrying out exact changes with precision.

Automation of tasks through Schedules

  • Administrators can schedule tasks such as device configuration backup, report generation, compliance check and other operations for automated execution at a specified point of time

Audit, Reports & Miscellaneous


  • Keeps a detailed record of all operations performed on devices
  • Audit records contain the list of all operations performed with details such as who performed the operation, timestamp and the result of the operation
  • Trails can also be generated out of the audit database


  • Twelve intuitive reports on  Network Inventory, Firmware Inventory, Network Health Status, Configuration Changes, User Permissions, Network Compliance etc
  • HTML, CSV and PDF formats supported with the option to email the reports
  • Search utility to look for specific words, strings, phrases or a combination of these in device configuration files. Provision to search for specific devices in inventory is also available.

User-friendly web interface

  • All operations of Network Configuration Manager can be performed through the web UI, which is arranged into various tabs. The arrangement of tabs and screens in the UI are simple to use. Step-by-step instructions for performing various operations have been provided in the form of context-sensitive help, wherever necessary.

Disaster Recovery Tools

  • In the rare event of something going wrong with Network Configuration Manager, it is important to have a backup of device configuration to recover from the disaster. Network Configuration Manager provides two utilities to achieve this:
    • Backing up the device configuration files
    • Backing up the entire Database

Once you have the backup, all data can be recovered in a few minutes.

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