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Importance of Internal Security

Be it large or small, every organization with an IT infrastructure is prone to internal security attacks. Your loss is equal to hacker's gain: accessing confidential data, misuse of information retrieved, system crash, and the list goes on. Concentrating on intrusion from outside the network is wise but at the same time, internal security should not be ignored. Extensive surveys suggest most of the security policy violation is at its maximum within the enterprises. As a proactive step towards internal security, your organization must be monitoring every system activity that is recorded as an event log. Information system managers are continuously under the pressure of managing the massive collection of event logs, sorting security logs for security purposes and system performance.

Security Log Management Challenges Met by EventLog Analyzer

Roll up your sleeves for its time for action towards building a strong security log management foundation. Count your reasons:

  • A security incident is not an accident. You can very well prevent thefts of your secured data.
  • The evolving compliance regulations ensure your IT infrastructure takes the reigns of the information security in their hands. Your organization is bound to abide by the laws set towards internal security.
  • Beneficial in storing adequate information on events for a specified period of time
  • Scaling to meet the demands of the growing number of logs and sorting these event logs to identify the security-related activities for operational, compliance, and security reasons
  • Protecting your confidential corporate information from unauthorized disclosure that could be a threat in disguise to your network security.
  • Reports employee abuse on restricted access information
  • Includes in-built threat intelligence and alerts you to malicious IPs and URLs. Also processes prominent STIX/TAXII threat feeds and alerts you to malicious URLs, IPs, and domains.
  • Prevents several common deadly attacks such as Denial of Service, SQL injection, and others
  • Correlates events from all devices in your network, including routers, firewalls, VPNs, servers, applications, and workstations, to detect potential attack patterns.
  • Protects your business critical applications by detecting anomalies and attacks
  • Secures your network devices including routers, firewalls, and IDS/IPS
  • Solves regulatory requirements, assists in forensic analysis and identifies IT issues near real-time providing convenience in troubleshooting these issues
  • Security theft is a corporate threat and recovery from the theft is an expensive affair, nevertheless, required to ensure business continuity. Investing on a security log management tool is wise and worth.
  • By ensuring security towards electronic customer information, you gain trust, everlasting business relations, improve revenues and enhance customer experience

If not compliant:

Your organization is entitled to incur the expense on the name of penalty for customer credentials theft, data breaches, and unable to abide by the regulatory standards set by the government.

Successful Solution:

Incorporate security log management services into your business model. It is of high relevance to evaluate the security log management service providers prior to giving the responsibility to safeguard your IT network. You need to ask and know what tools are offered that guarantee detection and monitoring of your IT environment. Ensure secured security log management with EventLog Analyzer.

Why EventLog Analyzer: Your Best Bet

With a view to include security log management in your organization, your audit plan should have a requirement of an event log management tool with business intelligence imbibed, to analyze security event logs. From the exhaustive list of event log analyzers available in the market, EventLog Analayzer marks as a prime competitor, being a product that ensures reliable analysis on a huge amount of event logs.

Summing up the features delivered by EventLog Analyzer, it can be said that EventLog Analyzer is a rare but perfect found combination of: network insight investigation, instant detection, comprehensive compliance reporting for audit purposes, reasonable, scalable, detailed description of security event logs for forensic investigations. EventLog Analyzer is a tool that brings a full-stop to undetected damage causes and assists immediate remedy for threats or potential threats. The SIEM feature of EventLog Analyzer focuses to improve on security drawbacks and provides news on security policy breaching and unauthorized access episodes. SIEM is an advanced security feature that not only collects event logs but also provides alerts and reports on the security event logs. Reporting capabilities comprise: in-built reporting structures, customized reports, compliance reports.

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Other features

Syslog management

Collect and analyze Syslog data from routers, switches, firewalls, IDS/IPS, Linux/Unix servers, and more. Get in-depth reports for every security event. Receive real-time alerts for anomalies and breaches.

Application log analysis

Analyze application log from IIS and Apache web servers, Oracle & MS SQL databases, DHCP Windows and Linux applications and more. Mitigate application security attacks with reports & real-time alerts.

Active Directory log monitoring

Monitor all types of log data from Active Directory infrastructure. Track failure incidents in real-time and build custom reports to monitor specific Active Directory events of your interest.

IIS log monitoring

Centrally monitor & audit IIS web server logs. Secure IIS servers by detecting anomalous events with instant email/SMS alerts. Get predefined reports on server errors and attacks.

Privileged user monitoring

Monitor and track privileged user activities to meet PUMA requirements. Get out-of-the-box reports on critical activities such as logon failures, reason for logon failure, and more.

IT compliance management

Comply with the stringent requirements of regulatory mandates viz., PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, and more with predefined reports & alerts. Customize existing reports or build new reports to meet internal security needs.

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Customer Speaks

  • Credit Union of Denver has been using EventLog Analyzer for more than four years for our internal user activity monitoring. EventLog Analyzer provides great value as a network forensic tool and for regulatory due diligence. This product can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs.
    Benjamin Shumaker
    Vice President of IT / ISO
    Credit Union of Denver
  • The best thing, I like about the application, is the well structured GUI and the automated reports. This is a great help for network engineers to monitor all the devices in a single dashboard. The canned reports are a clever piece of work.
    Joseph Graziano, MCSE CCA VCP
    Senior Network Engineer
  • EventLog Analyzer has been a good event log reporting and alerting solution for our information technology needs. It minimizes the amount of time we spent on filtering through event logs and provides almost near real-time notification of administratively defined alerts.
    Joseph E. Veretto
    Operations Review Specialist
    Office of Information System
    Florida Department of Transportation
  • Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application.
    Jim Lloyd
    Information Systems Manager
    First Mountain Bank

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