Protect sensitive data from being exposed or stolen with DataSecurity Plus' data leak prevention (DLP) tool.

  • Data leak protection
  • External device protection
  • Automated incident response
  • Content-aware protection
  • Workstation auditing
  • Cloud security

Data leak protection

  • Ensure the use of only safe removable storage devices in your organization by using blocklists to restrict unvetted devices.
  • Avoid data exposure by blocking high-risk file copy activities to USB devices and across local and network shares.
  • Granularly control the use of various endpoint devices, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CD/DVD drives, and more.
  • Prevent files containing highly sensitive data—such as PII or ePHI—from being shared via email (Outlook) as attachments.
  • Spot instances of abnormal user behavior and stop files from being exfiltrated via external storage devices.
  • Delete or quarantine files, stop USB data transfers, or choose from other predefined active remedies to prevent data leaks.

External device protection

  • Audit and report on the use of removable storage media and all data transfer activities to and from them.
  • Enforce selective control over external storage such as enabling read-only access to suspicious devices, stopping executables from running on USBs, and more.
  • Use blocklisting to specify and categorize which devices should not be in use and reduce the attack surface.
  • Lock down peripheral ports in response to malicious user behavior and prevent potential data leak activities.
  • Gain visibility into who has connected what device to your organization's endpoints (USB, camera, microSD, and more) when, and from where.
  • Track and analyze when any critical file is copied to or from removable storage devices.

Automated incident response

  • Instantly lock down USB ports when users move restricted content through it. Investigate and unblock them right from the product UI once the issue is resolved.
  • Review and resolve critical security incidents with predefined remediation options, including options to delete and quarantine files.
  • Detect and contain ransomware attacks quickly by isolating ransomware-infected endpoints at inception and get notified with instant, user-defined alerts.
  • Investigate alerts and analyze the validity, context, scope of the damage, and severity of detected security issues before choosing your remediation plan.
  • Use the various predefined DLP policies available to detect and mitigate critical security issues by tracking indicators of compromise.
  • Enable on-screen pop-up messages to inform and warn users about critical policy violations.

Content-aware protection

  • Define what files and folders can and cannot be shared via endpoints, which devices should be restricted from use, and more.
  • Integrate data discovery with DLP capabilities to secure and analyze files containing personal data (PII/ePHI/PCI) along with details on who owns it, who last accessed it, and more.
  • Classify files based on their sensitivity into categories, i.e., Public, Private, Confidential, or Restricted to help secure at-risk confidential files.
  • Identify and enforce appropriate levels of security to your organization's sensitive data and comply easily with the GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more.
  • Track all accesses and modifications to business-critical content. Detect sudden spikes in file copy, delete, or rename activities because they could indicate potential file tampering.
  • Define, deploy, and manage the various Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies available from a centralized location.

Workstation auditing

  • Audit all file accesses and modifications—including create, delete, rename, permission change, and more—across your Windows endpoints in real time.
  • Examine email (Outlook) activities and capture information on who sent the email, to whom, with what attachment and subject, when, and from where.
  • Maintain a detailed audit trail on file copy-and-paste activities across network shares, workstations, and external storage devices.
  • Ensure the integrity of vital system files, program files, and more by tracking and alerting on high-risk modifications made to them.
  • Gather details on all file activities via browsers, such as potential upload and download actions by employees.
  • Audit local print server usage, and analyze who printed what files and when. Quickly detect and scrutinize when employees print documents that violate the DLP policies.

Cloud security

  • Restrict your employees from accessing unsafe web content such as malware, phishing, spyware, and more by enforcing strict URL filtering.
  • Audit the use of shadow cloud applications and the top devices that access them to scrutinize the risk they pose to your organization's security.
  • Track data sharing patterns via web apps like SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, DropBox, Box, and more with details on who made the request, when, and from where.
  • Review failed attempts to access both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications within your organization.
  • Analyze requests made to unencrypted, banned, or low-reputed cloud applications for signs of misuse and compromise.
  • Regulate the use of unwanted web services and ban productivity-draining cloud apps like social media, video streaming, online gaming, and more.

Advanced data leak prevention (DLP) tool to detect and disrupt threats to endpoint data. 

  • DLP software
  • External device protection
  • Automated incident response
  • Content-aware protection
  • DLP solution
  • Cloud security
Improved data control

Monitor and control the use of USBs, emails, printers, clipboards, and more across your organization.

Preconfigured security

Speed up incident detection with multiple predefined DLP security policies that help respond to unauthorized data movement, malware intrusion, and more.

Employ prevention strategies

Stop security incidents before they occur by blocking unwarranted file copy actions, stopping high-risk executables from running, and more.

Data leak prevention tools
Control USB usage

Granularly control and limit external storage devices' capabilities like read, write, and execute access.

Manage endpoint devices

Direct which groups can access multiple endpoint devices, including Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth adapters, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, and more.

Restrict blocklisted devices

Create device blocklists to prohibit the use of suspicious and unvetted devices across your endpoints.

data loss incident response
Activate threat management

Assess and handle critical policy violations using custom scripts or default remediation options for deleting and quarantining files.

Contain ransomware attacks

Detect ransomware infections across local systems and initiate custom scripts to shut down the infected system, disconnect corrupted devices from the network, and more.

data loss prevention alerts
Implement file copy limitation

Track the movements of highly sensitive files and configure policies to restrict both local and network file copy activities.

Focus on what matters most

Pinpoint all movements of the file with restricted classification tags via removable media devices, email, printer, and more.

data loss prevention alerts
Insights at a glance

Gain in-depth visibility on all endpoint activities, including the use of removable devices, printers, emails, and more with with details on who did what, when, and where.

Forensics made easier

Identify the source, hostname, and time of all file copy events, and perform forensic analysis as and when needed.

data loss prevention alerts
Analyze web usage

Gain visibility into data sharing patterns via cloud apps like Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, Exchange, and more with detailed graphs.

Scrutinize unsafe requests

Keep track of the top actors who frequently request access to unsanctioned, unencrypted, banned, and shadow cloud applications.

data loss prevention alerts

With DataSecurity Plus' DLP tool, you can:

  • 01Block sensitive files from being moved via USB drives or email (Outlook).
  • 02Selectively lockdown USB ports and unlock them right from the UI with ease.
  • 03Know who's copying what data across their local machine and to USB devices.
  • 04Identify who's accessing your organization's most sensitive data and from where.
  • 05Identify and investigate who has printed what type of data and from where.
  • 06Limit the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CD/DVD drives, keyloggers, and more.
  • 07Track, control, and restrict the execution of suspicious and high-risk applications.
  • 08Monitor file activities across browsers to detect potential uploads and downloads.
  • 09Instantly warn negligent users against unauthorized file actions using pop-ups.
  • 10Set removable storage devices with read-only access criteria.

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