Security starts with knowing who does what.

  • Audit file and folder accesses
  • Detect ransomware attacks
  • Monitor file integrity
  • Receive instant file change alerts
  • Comply with regulatory mandates

Audit file and folder accesses

  • Monitor and report on a wide range of file activities including create, delete, modify, overwrite, rename, move, read, etc. in real time.
  • Track and record a complete audit trail of all files copied by auditing your clipboard for Ctr+C and right-click copy actions.
  • Audit and analyze both successful and failed file access attempts made by your employees to prevent future security issues.
  • Maintain a detailed record of all file activities, along with details on who accessed what, when, and where.
  • Analyze audit data to identify your organization's most active user, most accessed file, process used to access most files, and more.

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Detect and quarantine ransomware attacks

  • Spot ransomware attacks quickly using telltale indicators such as sudden surges in file rename, move, and permission change activities.
  • Notify admins and other stakeholders instantly via email as soon as the potential ransomware attack takes root.
  • Use an automated incident response system to shut down the infected device, disable or disconnect the rogue user's session, and more.
  • Use our actionable, accurate audit data to conduct a root cause analysis to identify patient zero and how the infection spread.
  • Locate ransomware-corrupted files using our prebuilt, up-to-date library of known ransomware file types to protect your organization's critical data.

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Monitor file integrity to detect potential threats

  • Generate instant email notifications when there is a sudden spike in failed attempts to modify or delete business-critical files.
  • Spot privilege abuse early on by tracking frequent permission changes, SACL changes, owner changes, and more.
  • Stay aware of indicators of compromise, such as a file activity during non-business hours, and more.
  • Identify the root cause of critical security events using detailed forensic data, and generate clear and concise audit records.
  • Selectively monitor and scrutinize the file activities of untrustworthy users and groups for unwarranted activities.

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Get instant file change notifications

  • Trigger instant email alerts on observing anomalous changes, like when an unusual volume of files are deleted, overwritten, or moved.
  • Spot malware intrusions by looking out for a sudden spike in file modifications in a short period, and trigger instant threat response mechanisms.
  • Create and manage custom alerts to spot organization-specific issues like hoarding of media or large files.
  • Categorize and analyze alert data based on its severity, i.e., attention, trouble, and critical.
  • Actively monitor your file servers for signs of compromise, such as multiple permission changes, file extension modifications, etc.

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Comply with regulatory mandates.

  • Address critical requirements of PCI DSS and HIPAA regulations using change detection.
  • Identify the root cause of security incidents using accurate forensic data, and generate clear and concise audit records.
  • Generate and archive audit trails to ensure accountability for all file activity.

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Everything you need for data visibility.

DataSecurity Plus' centralized file auditing capabilities offer you clear visibility over every single file access and
modification made by users within your file server environment.

  • Track file and folder accesses
  • Monitor file integrity
  • Receive real-time file change alerts
  • Quarantine malware
  • Comply with regulatory mandates.
Get the big picture.

Use the one-stop operational dashboard for a quick overview of recent file and folder access types. Use custom filters to analyze and investigate any sudden changes in access trends.

Warning signs to look out for.

Selectively filter and monitor high-risk access types, such as file extension changes, renaming, deletions, permission changes, and file activities made during non-business hours.

Accidents will happen.

Stay on top of changes that might be accidental, including file deletions, moves, and permission changes. Track and reverse file name changes—both intentional and unintentional—by comparing original and altered file names.

Choose your area of focus.

Generate alerts selectively by focusing on suspicious users or critical actions such as owner changes, permission changes, file deletions, or renaming events. Analyze events based on their severity and obtain detailed reports for each event.

Track malware in real time.

Speed up your incident detection with instant email notifications for malware attacks, especially ransomware, by detecting sudden spikes in file renaming and modification events.

Quarantine ransomware.

Stop a ransomware infection within seconds by promptly shutting down an infected machine. Execute custom scripts to perform actions tailored to your organization's needs (e.g. disconnect the user session or lock the user account).




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With DataSecurity Plus' file server auditing tool, you can:

  • 01Audit all file activities with details on who accessed what, when, and from where.
  • 02Track critical file changes, such as those to SACLs, owners, file extensions, and permissions.
  • 03Use default Alert Profiles to detect high-risk file changes and spikes in access attempts.
  • 04Detect and stop ransomware attacks using instant threat
  • 05Monitor file integrity with instant e-notifications.
  • 06Generate analytics on the most accessed or modified files, most active users, etc.
  • 07Scrutinize failed attempts to access files containing business information.
  • 08Find irrelevant and personal media files hoarded by employees in enterprise storage.
  • 09Use the interactive dashboard to compare file changes at the global and server levels.
  • 10Maintain a record of file copy and paste activities.

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