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    Manage incidents from a single console

    Access a one-stop, operational dashboard for a quick overview of recently raised, long overdue, and high-priority incident tickets.

    Risk Assessment
  • 2
    Choose your response strategy wisely

    Adopt the most appropriate response for every type of incident raised including file deletion, blocking file copy events, shutting down a workstation, and more.

    vulnerability Assessment
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    Simplify data classification

    Use both automated and manual tagging capabilities to identify sensitive data faster, and reduce the burden on the admin.

    Simplify data classification
  • Adopt content-aware protection

    Identify sensitive data (PII/ePHI) even when misplaced or classified inaccurately, and adopt strict remediation actions to prevent leaks via email or portable storage devices.

  • Automate incident response

    Raise, prioritize, and remediate incidents, such as ransomware attacks, unauthorized file changes, data copied to USBs, and more.

  • Prioritize and protect your riskiest data

    Identify your most vulnerable data by analyzing both content and context parameters. Use score-based risk analysis to identify and protect overexposed data.