Discover, analyze, and protect sensitive data.

  • Locate all personal data
  • Classify files based on sensitivity
  • Comply with IT regulations
  • Analyze files and permissions

Locate all personal data

  • Monitor Windows file server, failover cluster, and OneDrive environments; receive reports on the volume, type, and trends in the storage of sensitive data.
  • Scan for passport numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and over fifty other types of personal data with preconfigured and customizable data discovery policies.
  • Configure alerts to instantly detect discovered data that violates enterprise storage policies and respond by executing custom scripts.
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Classify files based on sensitivity

  • Automate the classification of files containing PII/ePHI to better understand which files need elevated data security measures.
  • Enable incremental scanning of new and recently modified files to reduce data discovery scan times, and ensure there are no blind spots where PII can be concealed.
  • Analyze the risk associated with files by viewing details on the amount and type of personal data they contain. 

Comply with IT regulations

  • Avoid the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties by generating periodic reports on the location and amount of sensitive data stored in your environment.
  • Identify files containing cardholder data and check if they are sufficiently protected as regulated by PCI DSS with the risk analysis tool.
  • Utilize preconfigured policies to uncover GDPR-regulated personal data such as citizenship numbers, passport numbers, and more.
  • Easily locate files with ePHI, ensure that accesses and modifications to them are suitably audited, and streamline HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
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Analyze files and permissions

  • Identify employees who can access files containing personal information, and verify whether the access rights are required for their role.
  • Locate unopened, unmodified, and duplicate files containing personal data, and manage them based on their business value.
  • Identify overexposed sensitive files, and automatically delete them or quarantine them in a more secure location.

*These features require an integration with DataSecurity Plus File Analyzer.

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Enable content-aware protection with data risk assessment software.

  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Effective risk assessment tool
  • Risk assessment for IT compliance
  • File analysis for more context
No blind spots

Easily discover PII/ePHI such as citizenship IDs, credit card numbers, driver licenses, and more with over fifty preconfigured rules. 

Customize data discovery rules

Ensure that your organization is compliant with IT regulations by adding new data discovery rules as needed.

data risk assessment rules
Analyze and classify data

Identify if discovered data violates any regulations, and view information about the users and servers with the most violations.

ata risk assessment dashboard
Detailed reports

Maintain a detailed record of all discovered sensitive data, and prove compliance with IT regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

gdpr risk assessment
Effective risk analysis

Integrate with the File Analyzer add-on to gain contextual information on sensitive files such as their size, age, and who can access them.

file security analysis

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