Report from CSV

Using this feature, instead of setting multiple conditions, upload a CSV file with the required attributes and values, based on which users must be retrieved.

Steps to generate report

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory → User Reports in the left pane.
  3. Choose Report from CSV under the CSV Reports column.
  4. Select the Microsoft 365 Tenant.
  5. In the Import CSV section, upload the CSV file with the required attributes and corresponding values based on which users must be filtered.
    Sample CSV


  6. Click on Imported Data option to verify the data in the CSV file.
  7. Use the Modify Criteria option to further refine the user data based on the attributes in the uploaded CSV. Clicking on the Modify Criteria option, opens a pop-up which shows the default condition based on which the users will be filtered. 
    • For the above CSV file, the pop-up will look like this:


    • Only the attributes mentioned in the CSV file will appear in the Modify Criteria pop-up, i.e. the users can be filtered only based on these attributes. So know your requirements well before creating the CSV file.
  8. Modify the default conditions based on your requirements.
    • For example, to retrieve the list of licensed users who belong to either Finance or Support, set the filter condition as shown above.

      Note: The condition set in the Modify Criteria pop-up will be applied for the attributes (columns in the CSV) within a row alone. 'OR' condition will be applied between the rows, and it cannot be changed.

  9. Click on Get Report.

Allowed attributes and values in CSV

Name in Microsoft 365 Header in CSV file
Display NameDisplayName
User Principal NameUserPrincipalName
First NameFirstName
Last NameLastName
Is LicensedIsLicensed
Mobile PhoneMobilePhone
Other TelephoneOtherTelephone
Home PhoneHomePhone
Other Home PhoneOtherHomePhone
Alternate Email AddressAlternateEmailAddresses
Alternate Mobile PhoneAlternateMobilePhones
Postal CodePostalCode
Usage LocationUsageLocation
User Account PropertyUserAccountControl
NameSignInName
User TypeUserType
Recipient TypeRecipientType
Recipient Type DetailsRecipientTypeDetails
Previous Recipient TypePreviousRecipientTypeDetails
Blocked CredentialBlockCredential
Strong Password RequiredStrongPasswordRequired
Password Never ExpiresPasswordNeverExpires
Is Blackberry UserIsBlackberryUser
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