Security Hardening

The Security Hardening menu includes important security settings to protect M365 Manager Plus from security attacks. With all the security settings available under a single menu, tightening the product's security posture is easy.

How to enable security configurations in the Security Hardening tab

To configure the security settings under the Security Hardening tab:

  1. Go to Settings → Admin → General Settings → Security Hardening.
  2. Security Hardening

  3. The following security settings are available in the Security Hardening tab:
  4. Enforce HTTPS Ensure secure communication between M365 Manager Plus and the browser by enforcing HTTPS. Configure this security option.
    Enforce Two-factor Authentication Configure TFA to add an extra layer of security. Follow these steps to enable TFA.
    Change Default Admins Password

    Change the default admin's and default technician's passwords to strong, unique ones.

    Security Hardening

    Enable CAPTCHA Enforce CAPTCHA on the login page to reduce brute-force attacks. Enable this option.
    Block Invalid Login Attempts Block users after a specific number of failed login attempts by following these steps.
    Enforce Secure TLS Make sure that older TLS versions, such as v1.0, are disabled for better security. Enforce secure TLS.
    Enable Auto Update Enable this option to allow M365 Manager Plus to automatically update to the latest build.
  5. You can manage these security settings by clicking on the Configure, Change, or Enable options corresponding to the setting.
  6. When you configure one or more of these security options, you'll see the Product Security Hardening percentage increase.
  7. Security Hardening

  8. You can follow these steps and configure the security options until the Product Security Hardening percentage reaches 100%.
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