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Administrator's Guide

This guide contains detailed information about the product, and provides instructions for Microsoft 365 administrators on how to set up and configure M365 Manager Plus.

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How-to Guide

Secure M365 Manager Plus installation PDF

Guide to install SSL certificate in M365 Manager Plus PDF

Guide to set up M365 Manager Plus in Azure PDF

PostgreSQL to MS SQL Migration Guide PDF

Guide to host M365 Manager Plus on the internet PDF

Microsoft 365 tenant configuration guide PDF

Installation guide PDF

Required privileges and permissions PDF

System and port requirements PDF

How to migrate M365 Manager Plus to a different server PDF

Encryption standards and data integrity measures PDF

Architecture guide PDF


IT Compliance with M365 Manager Plus

PCI Compliance with M365 Manager Plus PDF

SOX Compliance with M365 Manager Plus PDF

HIPAA Compliance with M365 Manager Plus PDF

GLBA Compliance with M365 Manager Plus PDF

FISMA Compliance with M365 Manager Plus PDF


Comparison Document

The document highlights how vastly improved the reporting and management features of ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus are, when compared to native Microsoft 365’s features.

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E-books & Whitepapers

Download free e-books and whitepapers on Microsoft 365 security, and administration.

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Case Study

The Eclipse Group simplified their billing process and reduced Microsoft 365 spending using M365 Manager Plus

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Adaptimmune handles a large amount of confidential data regarding research, drug composition, intellectual property, patient data collected for drug trials, and more in its Microsoft 365 setup.

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PowerShell Scripts

Know about the PowerShell scripts used for Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, and management purposes, and how M365 Manager Plus accomplishes the same without tedious scripting.

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Knowledge Base

This guide contains a trove of tips & tricks on M365 Manager Plus. Learn the nuances of governing your Microsoft 365 setup efficiently.

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Solution Overview



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Fact Sheet

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