M365 Manager Plus has numerous reports to monitor your Microsoft 365 tenants. From the numerous pre-configured reports, gather precise details on all aspects of your Microsoft 365 environment like Exchange Online, Mail traffic, Skype for business, and much more. Get reports delivered right to your inbox with the customizable scheduler.

Report categories

M365 Manager Plus provides the following categories of pre-packaged reports to monitor your Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Mailbox reports
  • Mail traffic reports
  • OWA & Mobile reports
  • Mailbox usage reports
  • Other Exchange reports
  • User reports
  • Group reports
  • Contact reports
  • License reports
  • Other Azure reports
  • OneDrive for Business reports
  • Skype for Business reports
  • Yammer reports
  • Sharepoint Reports
  • Teams reports
  • Security reports
  • Compliance reports

Steps to generate a report

  • Navigate to Reports tab.
  • Select the report that you wish to generate from the side-bar or enter the name of the report in the Search Report text-box and select the report that you wish to generate.
  • Select the Microsoft 365 tenant for which you wish to generate the specific report from the Microsoft 365 Tenant drop-down box.
  • Some reports require you to enter a time period for which the report will be generated. In such cases, enter the time period of your choice and click Generate.
  • The report will be generated and displayed below.

To add a report as a widget in the dashboard

Certain reports can be added to the Dashboard as a widget directly from the reports page.

  • To add a report as a widget, click on the dropdown menu next to the graph of the report.
  • Click "Add to Dashboard".
  • Enter Widget Name and choose a Widget Size.
  • Click Add.

Schedule and Export Reports

You can schedule the time and choose the frequency at which the reports will be generated. You can also configure the product to export the generated reports to multiple formats (PDF, XLS, CSV & HTML) and have the reports emailed to the administrators. More on Schedule Reports

Features that are common to all reports in M365 Manager Plus

  • Add / Remove Column links available in each report to select additional attributes.
  • Filter attributes with specific values from reports
  • Columnar sorting of reports.
  • Option to select the number of rows that are to be displayed in a single page of a report.
  • Export reports to CSV, PDF, XLS and HTML formats.
  • Perform a 'Quick Search' by inputting any attribute value that is displayed in the columns.
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