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Software Deployment Templates

What is a template?

Endpoint Central comes with 10,000+ predefined templates that can be used to create packages across Windows, Mac and Linux. The template contains the installable and silent switches from the vendors which aids in easier package creation. Having predefined templates saves an admin's time and effort in searching for installable from the respective vendors. All templates are up-to-date and also have the option of auto updating the templates before creating a package. The benefits of creating packages using template are as follows -

  1. Pre-filled fields such as installation/uninstallation commands

  2. Save time by just defining the targets and the package is good to be deployed


Ensure that you define valid proxy credentials and provide access rights for automating the package creation process from the Templates section of Software Deployment.

Autoupdate templates

Software templates can be updated automatically, meaning, every time there is a latest version of the software, the corresponding template will be updated automatically. This gives you an edge when it becomes momentous for every software to be updated to the latest version. Autoupdate Templates is applicable for Windows and macOS, and will be carried out after every successful sync, once everyday.

The perks of updating your software templates automatically are -

  • Save the time and labor invested in manually updating the template to the latest version
  • Packages for the latest version of the template will be created automatically
  • For the packages published in Self-Service Portal, this update will automatically be reflected which implies that the latest version of the software template will be available to your end users and they can install it at their convenience. Upon launching the Self-Service Portal, a package with the latest version will be available for installation. This will replace the old package.

Steps for autoupdate

  • Navigate to Auto-update Templates from Software Deployment tab. This will list all the software templates for which auto-update has been enabled, along with the status of the package and number of packages created using this template.
  • If you want to add templates to this list, click Enable auto-update button and choose the templates.
  • A package can be created automatically from this list.
  • Another way of enabling auto-update for templates will be while creation of a package. From the Templates tab, choose the software for which you want to create a package. You will be asked for enabling auto-update of this template.