Wake on LAN

Need to troubleshoot endpoints that are left unattended? Wake up the device from anywhere and deploy software or patches, remotely access and perform advanced troubleshooting tasks instantly. In one shot wake up any number of managed devices immediately with Endpoint Central.

Supported OS: Windows


  1. Ensure any one of the below conditions is met:
    • One of the computers with Endpoint Central agent should be alive in the target subnet, to perform Wake on LAN.
    • IP-directed broadcast should be enabled on the router/switch.
  2. Operating System settings:
    • The remote device must allow magic packets for wake on LAN to work.
    • Navigate to Tools -> Wake on LAN -> Settings and choose "Enable wake on LAN settings in agent machines"
    • Wake on LAN settings
    • This setting will be reflected in next user logon or refresh cycle. 
  3. BIOS Settings:
    • During the computer’s power-on-self-test enter the BIOS setting screen by pressing the F1, INS, or DEL keys and opt Power Management.
    • Under Wake on LAN/WLAN, choose LAN or WLAN.
    •     Note: If you see a mode called "Deep Sleep Mode", ensure that it is disabled. 
    • Save and Exit the BIOS settings.
    • Follow these links to configure BIOS settings if your device is from these manufacturers: Dell, HP, Lenovo
  4. Windows 10: If the remote device runs on this OS, ensure it is not in shutdown state when wake on LAN is initiated. Workaround

Steps to initiate wake on LAN

Instantly wake up devices in your network to deploy software or patches by following below steps:

Hint: Initiate wake on LAN during off-working hours and troubleshoot unattended devices.   

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Wake on LAN to find the list of managed devices. 
  2. To improve success rate, it is recommended to modify the broadcast address of remote device to match the IP address of viewer device.
  3. Wake on LAN broadcast address
  4. Under Settings ensure the time interval to check WOL status is below 5 minutes and port configured (recommended 7) is available on the remote device.
  5. Now choose the devices you wish to wake up and click on "Wake Up Now"
  6. Initiate Wake on LAN

Steps to automate wake on LAN

Schedule wake on LAN to happen at regular intervals by following the below steps:

Hint: Wake up devices every morning to help the end users get started with work immediately, without wasting time on setting up the device. 

  1. Under Wake on LAN navigate to Schedule Wake Up and choose Add Task.
  2. Port: Ensure the port number configured here is available on the remote device. Recommended port number is 7
  3. Waiting Time: After initiating wake on LAN the Central Server will wait for a period of time to check the status of remote devices. It is recommended to specify this time limit below 5 minutes.
  4. Resolve IP address on each schedule.
  5. Define Targets: Specify the remote devices where wake on LAN has to be scheduled. Learn more
  6. Configure Scheduler: Customize the frequency and time to perform the scheduled task.
    • Once: Task will expire after executing once.
    • Daily: Perform the action every day, on alternate days, or only on weekdays.
    • Weekly: Power actions will be scheduled to happen on specific days every week.
    • Monthly: You can schedule tasks to repeat during certain month or just a particular week or day of every month.
  7. Schedule Wake on LAN
  8. Once scheduled, you can view all the tasks from Schedule Wake Up tab. Also modify, suspend or delete them by choosing three dots under Action column.
  9. Schedule Wake on LAN
  10. Get a complete report of the wake on LAN task by clicking on the task name under Scheduled Wake Up. 
  11. Schedule Wake on LAN