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  • Real-Time Windows File Servers Auditing and Reporting
    Real-Time Auditing
    for Windows File Servers
    with pre-configured reports & e-mail alerts

What is FileAudit Plus?

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus is a real-time file auditing and reporting software that delivers complete visibility into everything happening in the Windows file server environment. Using FileAudit Plus know the “who, what, where and when” behind every event and perform storage analysis, in the file server; in a simple yet efficient and cost effective way.

What are its features and benefits?

  • Enhance data security and information management en route to meeting compliance
    • Track and analyze access.
    • Detect attacks with alerts.
    • Get insights into disk space utilization.
    • Isolate old, stale, non-business files et al.
  • Become more proactive
    • Stay in the loop always with real time tracking of all file/folder related events.
    • Reduce incident response times while dealing with critical cases using 'Threshold Based' alerts that get notified on-screen as well as through instant emails.
  • Simplify auditing
    • Get pre-configured reports that can also be scheduled to be emailed at user specified time intervals.
    • Make it easier for IT admins as well as non-admin users to put the tool to its complete use, with its intuitive nature.
    • Use it even when on the move via a web browser.

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