Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your three-in-one backup solution

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Active Directory


Restauration granulaire d'objets AD
Restauration à nu des contrôleurs de domaine Retour à un état antérieur AD

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Virtual Environment


Sauvegarde des machines virtuelles VMware
File and folder level restorations
Live VM migrations

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Windows Server


Bare metal restoration of Windows servers
File, folder, and volume level restorations
Incremental backups and backup retention.

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Solution de sauvegarde d'entreprise

Les organisations du monde entier utilisent des serveurs Windows pour les demandes d'authentification et des machines virtuelles pour réduire les coûts en termes d'achat et de maintenance de matériel. Toute interruption de contrôleurs de domaine Active Directory ou de machines virtuelles risque de paralyser gravement l'exploitation continue d'une organisation.

A potent backup and restoration solution is paramount to enable organizations to get back online after suffering network downtime. The real struggle is to find a single solution that can satisfactorily back up and restore your AD, VMs, and file servers with ease.

RecoveryManager Plus is an enterprise backup solution that does just that. It can easily back up and restore your AD, VM, and file servers. It also gives you the flexibility to perform attribute-level restorations of AD objects, and perform file/folder-level restoration of your DCs, VMs, and file servers.

Its single, centralized reporting console and 3-in-1 backup and restoration capabilities make it a no-brainer choice for organizations that want all their organizational data backed up.

Active Directory

  • Bare metal restoration: Backup entire DCs and restore them in case of DC failures.

  • Incrementally back up each change made to objects’ attributes as a separate version.

  • File/folder-level DC restoration: Restore individual files or folders in your DC quickly and efficiently.

  • AD Recycle Bin: Restore deleted AD objects and their attributes, including their parent containers, in a single click.

  • P2V Restoration: Restore DC backups of a physical server to a DC in your VM, or vice versa.

  • Backup retention: Define a retention period for your backups and assimilate expired backups into a full backup to reduce storage space.

  • Backup all Active Directory objects like users, groups, GPOs, OUs, Exchange attributes, DNS information, computers, contacts, and more, and restore them either partially or completely.

  • Rollback AD to a previous backup point and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.

  • Perform recovery operations without having to restart your DCs, ensuring continuous availability of DCs.

Virtual environment

  • Backup all your VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and restore them instantly to any of their backed up state.

  • File and folder-level restorations: Perform file and folder-level restorations on your VMware virtual machines and save the trouble of having to restore the entire VM to recover a lost file or folder.

  • Changed block tracking (CBT): Incrementally back up changes made after the last backup to ensure that you always have a copy of the most recent state of your virtual environment.

  • Synthetic full backups: Create synthetic full backups by consolidating the data from existing backup information without affecting the performance of your VMs.

  • Live VM migration: Migrate live VMware and Hyper-V VMs to a different host.

  • Backup retention: Define a retention period for your backups and discard old backups.

  • Revert VMs to their previous state in just a single click.

  • Compression: Compress backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size to significantly reduce backup storage.

  • Encryption: Encrypt backups with AES 128-bit algorithm and secure your VM backups.

  • Custom backup scheduler: Configure custom backup schedulers to back up your VMs at fixed, admin-defined intervals.

  • Choose any resource pool and datastore as required when restoring a virtual machine.

Windows servers

  • Bare metal restoration: Back up entire file servers and restore them good as new whenever disaster strikes. 

  • File/folder/volume-level restoration: Restore individual files, folders, or volumes to any of their backed up states instantly.

  • Incremental backup: Back up just the changes made to files and folders since the last backup to speed up the backup process and reduce the space required to store your backups.

  • Custom backup scheduler: Choose when you'd like full and incremental backups to run.

  • Backup retention: Define a retention period for your backups and automatically discard backups that have exceeded their retention period.

  • Compression: Compress backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size. This allows you to retain a higher number of backups without having to invest more in data storage.


Avantages de RecoveryManager Plus


Déploiement simple

Quelques clics suffisent à démarrer RecoveryManager Plus et l'ajout de domaines est facile grâce à leur découverte automatique.

Solution de sauvegarde et de restauration deux-en-un

Sauvegardez et restaurez les machines virtuelles VMware et les contrôleurs de domaine avec une seule application, en disposant d'une solution de sauvegarde d'entreprise complète.

Gestion des modifications granulaire

Sauvegardez chaque modification apportée aux objets AD sous des versions distinctes. Si nécessaire, comparez des valeurs d'attribut entre plusieurs versions et restaurez la version de votre choix.

Aperçu unifié dans un seul tableau de bord

Obtenez une vue globale du nombre de sauvegardes de machines virtuelles et Active Directory dans votre organisation.

Compression des sauvegardes

Compressez les sauvegardes de machines virtuelles et Active Directory à un taux de 25 % de leur taille d'origine et réduisez l'espace de stockage nécessaire pour gérer les sauvegardes de votre environnement.

Planificateur personnalisable

Planifiez des sauvegardes à intervalle fixe (horaire, quotidien ou hebdomadaire) pour veiller à posséder la version la plus récente de votre environnement de machines virtuelles et Active Directory.

Comparaison des versions

Fonctionnalités Version gratuite
Version Standard
Objects supported
(User, Groups, GPO, OU/Container, Computer, Contact, DNS, Group Membership, Exchange Attributes)
tick tick
Backup Scheduler cancel tick
Attribute level backup and restoration cancel tick
Deleted objects restoration tick tick
Bulk object restoration cancel tick
Perform instant backups cancel tick
AD rollback cancel tick
Multiple domain support cancel tick
Bare-metal restoration cancel tick
VMware On-demand full backup tick tick
Easy restore from full backups tick tick
Hyper-V On-demand full backup tick tick
Easy restore from full backups tick tick
Live Migration cancel tick
Incremental backups cancel tick
Synthetic Full Backup cancel tick
Backup Retention cancel tick
Backup Scheduler cancel tick
Compression tick tick
Encryption cancel tick
Backup File, folder, volume level cancel tick
Bare metal cancel tick
Restore File, folder, volume level cancel tick
Bare metal cancel tick
Incremental backups cancel tick
Backup Retention cancel tick
Backup Scheduler cancel tick
Compression cancel tick
Encryption cancel tick