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GDPR handbook

The EU GDPR framework is complex to implement, with new accountability policies, breach notification procedures, and strict rules for international data flows. This handbook discusses the GDPR's terms as well as action plans that you'll need to follow to be compliant.

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10 crucial audit reports for IT security

Security teams must implement a process to audit security events as part of their daily operations. The best way to achieve this is by scheduling reports using a SIEM tool. These reports not only help you stay on top of security threats, but also help you demonstrate compliance to auditors. This e-book outlines ten crucial audit reports every security team needs.

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The basics of auditing and securing your network perimeter with SIEM

Auditing the log data generated by network devices is vital to identifying security events of interest. However, due to the high volume of events generated by your network perimeter devices, auditing these events in real time can be challenging, if not impossible. In this handbook, you'll learn about the basics of auditing and securing your network perimeter by leveraging a SIEM solution.

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Top 5 critical alerts you need for IT security

IT security requirements vary for different enterprises, but there are a few key security events that raise major compliance concerns for everyone. To help you stay on top of security, we've compiled a list of five critical events your organization should be on the lookout for.

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The IT security admin's guide to LGPD compliance

LGPD compliance will require companies to implement proper security measures to ensure the safety of Brazilian consumers' data or risk heavy fines. Get started on your data security plan with this e-book.

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