End-to-end mobile device management.

Organizations have to keep a close eye on the devices in their network, whether they are corporate owned or personal devices (BYOD). Thankfully, Mobile Device Manager Plus helps you manage mobile devices, focusing on configuration and security from a central dashboard. It simplifies the administrators' job by providing a single console control for mobile device management.

Device enrollment

Device enrollment is the initial step for registering devices with the users. Mobile Device Manager Plus makes this first step a breeze by letting you:

Watch our video on Android NFC enrollment


Profile management

Profile settings let you create and impose various policies and restrictions regarding user access to work related data. Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you to implement:

  • Policy restriction to utilize device features.
  • Access to corporate accounts like Email, Wi-Fi, VPN.
  • Device grouping based on department, location, etc.

Inventory management and reports

Tracking and analyzing asset information is significant for your organization's security. Mobile Device Manager Plus gives you:

  • Complete visibility of the devices in your network.
  • A summary of applications on the device.
  • Granular details about your device inventory.

Intuitive dashboard

Mobile Device Manager Plus' easy-to-use dashboard doesn't have a learning curve. What's more, the design is adaptable for managing mobile devices even in a short time span with features such as: 

  • Unified mobile device status view.
  • Useful details that let's you take an immediate action.

Role based access control

Proactive management is the best kind. So, Mobile Device Manager Plus lets you define roles that best suit your requirements and grant appropriate permissions for specific IT admins. You can delegate routine activities to particular users with well-defined permission levels, thereby specifying your IT admins scope of management to a particular set of devices.