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Desktop Management

Patch Management Patch Management

IT admin can shield Windows & Mac Desktops from security threats by keeping patches up-to-date More...

  • Automates Patch Management for both physical and virtual assets
  • Detects and Deploys the missing patches/hotfix
  • Supports Microsoft, Mac & Third party patches
  • Reports on system vulnerabilities, patches, OS
  • Provides an update of the patch deployment status
Software Deployment Software Deployment

IT admin can distribute, install, update and uninstall a software application for bulk systems More...

  • Supports both MSI and EXE-based software applications
  • Enables administrators to re-use packages any number of times to install or uninstall the software applications by creating a repository of packages
  • Schedules deployment of software applications
  • Deploys software applications using 300+ predefined templates
  • Perform pre-deployment activities for software installation/ uninstallation
  • Updates the status of software installation
Remote Control Remote Control

IT admin can troubleshoot remote Windows & Mac desktops with just a click from a central location and save time More...

  • Access computers in LAN and WAN
  • Automates desktop-sharing agent installation in each desktop
  • Enables to access desktops and transfer files
  • Enables to collaborate technicians for trouble-shooting
  • Records the remote session, highly useful for audit purpose
  • Supports multi-monitor with easy switching options
Asset Management Asset Management

IT admin can fetch details about software and hardware available in the network anytime More...

  • Scans the systems periodically to collect the hardware and software details
  • Detects and removes prohibited software in the network
  • Manages software licenses
  • Provides software usage statistics
  • Track warranty information
  • Alerts notifications for specific events
  • Generates detailed reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance
Windows Configurations Windows Configurations

IT admin can configure desktop settings and security policies as per his/her requirements More...

  • Enables to set up configurations like managing local users, groups
  • Enables to configure windows applications
  • Secures system by configuring messages and alerts
  • Provides the status of the applied configurations
  • Enables to manage power by standardizing system settings
  • Enables to block/disable the USB devices to prevent unauthorized download and upload activities
  • Over 25 predefined User & Computer configurations available
Service Pack Installation Service Pack Installation

IT admin can perform installation on multiple systems at one go thereby saving time and efforts More...

  • Enables to deploy service packs on multiple systems simultaneously
  • Uses an already downloaded service pack for installation
  • Provides option to suspend and resume service pack installation
  • Enables to view the status of the service pack installation
Active Directory Reports Active Directory Reports

IT admin can track and analyze the events in the network with out-of-the-box reports More...

  • No. of available users in the domain
  • Computers with specific details available in the domain
  • Details of the available groups, organizational units, etc.
  • Details of the directory information tree, and domain members
  • History of the applied configurations
User Logon Reports User Logon Reports

IT admin can extract user specific information with their logon history, determining who did what More...

  • Provides information about the users' login data
  • Reports on current users login count and the computer from which they have logged on
  • Reports on users who logs on to the domain frequently
  • Reports on computers where no user have logged on
  • Reports on computers and their corresponding user logon history for the specified number of days
User Administration User Administration

IT admin can restrict technicians with well defined roles on the kind of IT management activities they can perform More...

  • Delegates routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission levels
  • Enables the user login to Desktop Central with their domain logon name and password
  • Enables to review the changes done by all the users periodically
OS Deployment Related Product OS Deployment

IT admin can perform disk imaging on bulk system both on the offline and online mode More...

  • Captures the image of both live and shutdown computers and stores them in a central network repository
  • Creates template for various employee roles/departments with customized deployment settings
  • Deploys OS images to multiple systems with flexible deployment options
  • Customizes the network settings, computer name, transfer/execute files, etc., post-deployment
  • Automatically includes the required drives while deploying images to dissimilar hardware
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