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Mobile Device Management

Device Enrollment Device Enrollment

IT admin can perform bulk enrollment of devices in a single stroke making mobile device enrollment a breeze More...

  • Allows Over-the-Air(OTA) enrollment of devices
  • Allows Manual enrollment of devices
  • Allows Bulk enrollment of mobile devices using a CSV file
  • Authenticates enrollment with a one-time passcode and/or user's Active Directory credential
App Distribution App Distribution

IT admin can perform seamless distribution of apps to any number of devices thereby reducing the time and manual efforts More...

  • Performs seamless distribution of in-house, App Store and Play Store Apps to groups/devices
  • Assigns App Store Apps, Play Store Apps and In-house Apps on the App Catalog of the end users' device
  • Fetches the status of the deployed Apps on the users' devices
  • Removes App that are not required anymore
App Management App Management

IT admin can seamlessly manage mobile apps be it in-store or commercial apps More...

  • Manages and distributes both in-house, App Store and Play store apps
  • Integrates with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for hassle free distribution of commercial apps
  • Publishes the Apps in App Catalog for users to choose and install the apps themselves
  • Segregates Black list and White list of apps
Profile Management Profile Management

IT admin can create and configure profiles in devices for user to access enterprise resources More...

  • Configures policy settings to access enterprise resources
  • Restricts the use of camera, youtube, safari browser, etc.
  • Provides access to corporate accounts like Email, Wi-Fi, VPN
  • Creates a logical group of devices based on department, location, etc.
  • Distinguishes corporate and BYOD devices to apply policies and restrictions
Asset Management Asset Management

IT admin can track the number of mobile assets to get a hold on the inventory count More...

  • Fetches complete information like device details, certificates, installed Apps, etc.
  • Fetches complete visibility about the devices with out-of-the-box reports
Security Management Security Management

IT admin can configure stringent security polices to protect corporate data from threats and keeps the data secure More...

  • Allows to enforce strict pass-code to prevent unauthorized access
  • Prevents misuse of misplaced/lost devices
  • Prevents data loss/theft by erasing all the device data
  • Erases only the corporate data leaving the personal data like contacts, photos, etc.
VPP Integration VPP Integration

IT admin can integrate DC with Apple Volume purchase program to install commercial apps More...

  • Integrates with Apple Volume Purchase Program to install commercial apps
  • Assigns redemption codes automatically to users for installing Apps
  • Revokes unused redemption codes
  • Notifies on insufficient redemption codes
Audit and Reports Audit and Reports

IT admin can monitor and audit the devices available in the network with the out-of-box reports More...

  • Audits device that are inactive or have installed a specific App
  • Checks whether the devices are pass-code compliant
  • Generates out-of-the-box reports on Apps by Devices, Devices by Model, etc.
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