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  • Monitor routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs
    for fault and performance,
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OpManager, the trusted

network monitoring software

OpManager provides comprehensive network monitoring capabilities and helps you gain visibility across your entire network. Monitor you network performance in real-time and gain control over your network with proactive fault detection. It helps you ensure business continuity by maintaining high availability and supports multi-vendor
IT environments. OpManager can also scale to fit your network without compromising on reliability.


Real-time network

Monitor and optimize network performance in
real-time with live customizable dashboards and graphs. Measure key performance metrics and maintain device availability.

Physical and virtual
server monitoring

Monitor critical performance metrics like availability, CPU, disk space, and memory utilization and get complete visibility across physical and virtual servers.


Detect, identify, and troubleshoot network issues with threshold-based alerts. Set multiple thresholds for every performance metric and get instant
alert notifications.


Customizable, at-a-glance overview across several business-critical components of your network, with custom widgets and real-time performance graphs.


Proactively monitor enterprise networks, from
LAN to the WAN, with detailed traffic path visualization, bandwidth traffic measurement and network performance metrics.

Easy to setup
and affordable

OpManager requires no complex installation procedures and comes bundled with databases and web servers. Transparent pricing scheme ensures no hidden costs.
Highlights of version 12
  • Spot. Isolate. Fix. - Do it all from the same page.

    Check out this video to know how easy it is to troubleshoot, fix and verify router dropping packets issue from the same page.

    Router Dropping Packets - ManageEngine OpManager
  • NIGHT MODE for NOC screens gives you a stress free view.

    Check out this video to know how easy it is to create a NOC view in low contrast mode and get a cool new experience.

    NOC Views in ManageEngine OpManager
  • New report builder brings interactive charts, schedule option, and pdf export.

    Check out this video to know how easy it is to create a report that meets your requirement perfectly.

  • Taking configuration backup is no more a pain.

    Check out this video to know how you can create a schedule to automatically take backup of configuration files of network devices.

  • Exporting NetFlow has never been this easy.

    Check out this video to know how to export flows such as NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow etc. in just two clicks.

    Exporting Flows in ManageEngine OpManager
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ManageEngine OpManager Ebook
All that you need, now in one screen
Integration between the key network management modules helps you gain more visibility.
  • View the Performance of Monitoring Network - ManageEngine OpManager View the performance, bandwidth consumption, recent configuration changes done on a device in single snapshot page. Be sure on what’s causing the trouble and fix it before it impacts the end users.
  • Data Center Network Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Create racks with devices populated and design data center floors to mimic you data center. Drill down to actual device snapshot page in case of a fault.
  • Business Views with Devices & Maps - ManageEngine OpManager Create business views with devices and maps of your choice. Visualize device health, traffic flowing between the branch offices, application that is widely accessed on a link, & much more.
  • Network Monitoring Troubleshooting - ManageEngine OpManager OpManager lets you be the first one to be notified of faults via email and SMS, which makes you gather more information about it and start troubleshooting it, before the end users rings you.
Choose one of the editions that best suit your network and server monitoring requirements.


  • Basic monitoring [Windows / Linux / SQL / AD / MySQL / Eventlog / Trap / SNMP]
  • Monitor up to 10 devices
  • Support for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen servers



Enterprise Network Monitoring
Monitor distributed networks from a single console with OpManager Enterprise Edition
  • Manage your entire network infrastructure distributed across geographies from a single location. Manage your entire network infrastructure distributed across geographies from a single location.
  • Network Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine OpManager Monitor health, availability and performance across all probes through the central server dashboard.
  • Network Monitor Probe - ManageEngine OpManager Get details of all the probes deployed across your network.
  • Network Utilization Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager View details of devices running on the probe server from central server's web client.
  • Network Server Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Built on a probe-central architecture, the enterprise edition is scalable upto 10k devices.

Looking for an integrated network monitoring software?

Try OpManager Plus - one tool that offers network monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, firewall log management, IP address management, and switch port management.

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What is Network Monitoring all about? Start from the basics.



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