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Identify network faults and start resolving them much before your boss or an end-user calls!

Network Fault Management is all about staying current with what is happening in your network, be it an unforeseen outage or performance degradation. Detect, recover and limit the impact of failures in your network using OpManager, your 24/7 network surveillance. The powerful fault management capability of OpManager helps you isolate and resolve a fault in a wink.

Be the first to detect

Detect a fault from wherever you are! OpManager alerts you over an SMS and Email. Alerts are also viewed through Android app and iPhone app. The capability to instantly alert you of a network trouble ensures that no time is lost in resolving it.

The Alert Profiles

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Learn how to keep your network fault free with proactive measures using OpManager.
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Isolate and troubleshoot a fault

Perform first-level troubleshooting to assess the damage and work out possible quick resolutions. Drill-down to the root cause quickly and speed up the resolution time using the interactive built-in web-based tools.

  • View Real-time Graphs
  • Trace route or Ping

Track and resolve outages quickly

Automate resolutions by plugging-in your own programs/scripts and let a fault 'heal itself'. So, even as you are busy jumping locations and floors attending to the network needs, OpManager keeps some faults at bay. Track the faults requiring prolonged analysis by logging requests in the helpdesk.

Integrated HelpDesk

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OpManager Customer Videos
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     Altaleb Alshenqiti - Ministry of National Guard - Health Affairs
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  •  Donald Stewart, IT Manager from Crest Industries
     John Rosser, MIS Manager - Yale Chase Equipment & Services
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