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Organizations and companies usually expand by merging or acquiring businesses. The biggest challenges would be to merge the corporate cultures and, of course, the two computer networks. When this happens, the network gets distributed over local networks, branch offices, customer networks (in case of MSP), data centers and in the cloud. Robust networks can be costly to manage and difficult to troubleshoot. Steady monitoring of distributed networks regarding their availability and bandwidth utilization is a necessity when it comes to an organization.


Challenges in Distributed Monitoring:

  • Centralized control: Monitoring multiple remote sites from a central location with probe specific control to visualize performance hiccups.
  • Network maintenance: It becomes a challenge for both remote and central network administrators to maintain the network and troubleshoot network issues.
  • Language barrier: Viewing language specific stats across the probe site and central for administrators based in different locales.

How OpManager simplifies Distributed Network Monitoring:

OpManager implements a sturdy Probe–Central architecture which makes it possible to scale as and when an enterprise grows and expands, without compromising on the reliability. Also with the enhanced Smart Upgrade feature, the upgrade process for your enterprise edition becomes very simple and efficient. The probes are set up at the remote network monitoring sites and the central server is designed to provide the required network visibility across locations, report network health and performance stats over multiple remote probes. 


Intuitive Central dashboard:

The central server dashboard enables centralized enterprise network monitoring by giving an overall network health & performance data across the probes helps to visualize performance hiccups across the complete IT infrastructure and also for a specific remote site.


Monitoring at scale:

You can now view the snapshot page of a device that belongs to a probe from the central server web client itself. Monitor critical performance metrics like availability, CPU, disk space, and memory utilization of specific probes.

Comprehensive Probe view:

The Probe deployed at each site performs all the network–scaling tasks such as discovery, mapping, and fault monitoring and communicates with the central server located at the Operating Center/ NOC/ Datacenter.

Probe specific language control:

Overcome language barriers by viewing the stats across Probe and Central in your preferred language.

Language can be changed specific to the probe or central without compromising on network stats.

Benefits of using OpManager for Distributed Network Monitoring:

  • OpManager eliminates the need of individual updates and configuration for every remote site. The changes done in central gets reflected across all the probes.
  • Reduced application maintenance cost with intelligent probe upgrades from the central server
  • The remote probe site can be monitored from the central which saves time and manpower.
  • Probes can be configured based on language eliminating the language barrier issue.
  • OpManager's licensing scheme for the probe can be shared across remote sites unlike our competitors where the probe licenses are location specific and is limited to that probe.
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