Discovering Hyper-V Servers in OpManager

To discover the Hyper-V host and VMs, you just need to provide the IP address and WMI credentials of Hyper-V host. The VMs are automatically discovered along with the host.

Steps to discover the Hyper-V host and VMs:

Before proceeding to discover the host and VMs, ensure that you have configured the credentials for both the host and VMs in the credential library. To discover the host and VMs:

  1. Go to SettingsDiscoveryAdd Device.
  2. Enter the Host Name / IP Address.
  3. Enter the correct Netmask and select the appropriate credentials.
  4. Click OK button to add the host.

If any of the VMs are already discovered or added, OpManager automatically maps them as Virtual Device.

Note: If the device has been added successfully, but not displayed under the 'Virtualization' tab. Search for that device. Upon finding the particular device, Go to its snapshot page and look for the device type. If it is mentioned as 'unknown', wrong credentials might have been provided or it is not reachable during discovery. Provide the correct credentials and click on 'Rediscover Now' present under three-line menu at the top right corner in the snapshot page, to discover it as an Hyper-V host.

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