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Driver Updates

    : Driver updates are currently supported in
  • Desktop Central from build version 10.0.423.
  • Patch Manager Plus from build version 10.0.545. (Also supported in cloud edition)
  • Support is extended currently for Windows driver and BIOS updates only. Learn more about the supported devices.

Why do linked patches of driver get approved automatically?

If you approve or decline a driver patch, all the associated patches inline i.e., in the list waiting for approval, will also get approved or declined. This is because those patches are the same .exe files. If one driver patch is approved, then the other linked patches of the driver with the same .exe file will also be approved.

For example, an "Intel HD Graphics 610" patch (Version has a linked dependency of the "Intel/Realtek High Definition Audio Driver" patch (Version as both of them share the same patch download link. So, if any of the above two patches are installed, the linked patch will also be installed on the machine (if applicable).