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Patch Scan Scenarios

There are few scenarios when the patch scan will occur, which are listed below:

  1. DB Sync
  2. Patch installation
  3. Reboot
  4. APD/ Test Group
  5. Manual Scan
  6. Agent installation

DB Sync

The Vulnerability Database is automatically updated every day. This can also be updated manually. To update the Vulnerability DB, navigate to the Patches tab on the Patch Manager Plus console. In the left pane, under Update Vulnerability DB, click on the 'Update Now' button. After the Vulnerability DB has been updated, and only if new patches are found, a patch scan is done in the subsequent refresh cycle.

Patch installation

A patch scan is initiated after the patches are installed via Install Patch Configuration, APD Deployment or Test and Approve


When patches are being installed, there are certain patches which require a reboot. After the systems are rebooted, a patch scan occurs.

APD/ Test Group

If any patch belonging to APD/ Test Group is approved, not approved or declined, a patch scan is initiated in the subsequent refresh cycle.

Manual Scan

Patch scan is initiated manually by,

  1. Selecting the system and clicking the Scan Now button or initiating the scan for all the systems by clicking the Scan All button.
  2. Choosing "Initiate Patch Scan" option by right-clicking on the Agent Tray icon -> Scan -> Initiate Patch Scan.

Agent installation

A patch scan is initiated after the agent installation. This patch scan occurs only if the Perform Patch Scanning checkbox has been enabled. To enable this checkbox navigate to Admin -> SoM Settings -> Agent settings -> General Settings tab. Under Actions to be performed after agent installation, enable the checkbox "Perform Patch Scanning".