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Maintaining Patch Manager Plus Server and Database

Maintaining server and business database is crucial to any enterprise. With Patch Manager Plus you can completely automate the process of maintaining your Patch Manager Plus server and database. This feature is applicable for Patch Manager Plus version 100250 build.

Benefits of maintenance

1. Improved server and database performances.

2. Disk space optimization as junk files get deleted during the process.

How to schedule server maintenance?

1. From your Patch Manager Plus web console navigate to Admin tab -> server settings -> server maintenance.

2. Enable Automated server maintenance and schedule your preferred weeks, day and time to start maintaining your server.

3. During each maintenance, the relevant tables in the database will be re-indexed so as to ensure better database performance.


  • Patch Manager Plus recommends you to schedule your server maintenance every week to achieve improved server and database performances.
  • During Server maintenance, your Patch Manager Plus service will temporarily be down. So, it is always recommended to have your maintenance scheduled during non-productive hours.
  • If you are using MSSQL database, enable the database maintenance checkbox only if you have not configured any re-indexing tasks in your SQL server.

Interrupting Server Maintenance

It is not recommended to interrupt your server maintenance mid-way. However, if you have any critical needs to access your Patch Manager Plus server, navigate to your Patch Manager Plus installation directory -> bin folder -> execute interrupt-maintenance.bat file to stop your maintenance.