The Storage Control Block address in invalid


Patch Scanning, Inventory Scanning, Remote Control fails with error message - "The Storage Control Block address is invalid".

Note: While the resolution provided in this article will help you overcome the problems encountered during manual patch and inventory scanning, there might be some cases where it fails again due to various reasons. It is hence recommended to perform scheduled patch and inventory scanning.


Patch Scanning/Inventory Scanning will fail due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • The Agent might have been uninstalled from the failed machine.
  • The binaries of Agent is not available in the failed machine(dcpatchscan.exe in case of Patch scanning failure or dcinventory.exe in case of inventory scan failure).
  • The Agent installed on the failed machine might be corrupted.


Check the availablity of the Agent on the failed machine.

  • If the Agent is unavailable, then install it and try scanning.
  • If the Agent is available, check the agent binaries under %systemdrive%\Program Files\UEMS_Agent\bin folder.