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Get Active Directory change alerts with ADAudit Plus

There is no point in allowing a small problem to snowball into an irrevocable damage, especially in Active Directory! With that being the case, there arises a need for a watchful alert system, which identifies any threats in a system intuitively and attracts an administrator’s attention towards them. ADAudit Plus has an answer for this.

Consider a scenario when:

An administrative account in Active Directory has been accessed by a miscreant and you being the chief administrator of the network are not aware of such a happening. Imagine the devastation it could cause!

Logging into an administrative account is an activity that is very critical and ignoring it could result in irreparable damage to network security. A reporting solution will provide you with the information on User Logon activity or last logged on user, but it could be too late to be acted upon. Thus there is a need for a solution that will alert the administrator, well in time, on any activity that he considers to be critical, so that corrective action is taken immediately.

Other changes in Active Directory, though important, might not necessarily require an administrators' intervention but rather require a simple supervision: for instance checking the correctness of execution of a delegated action. Immediate information on day to day user and administrative actions are also required in other cases. Taking all these into consideration, ADAudit Plus allows one to configure alerts on actions that are critical as well as actions that might interest an administrator.

Custom configuration of Active Directory Alerts for the events you like

ADAudit Plus allows you to custom configure (define) alerts for one or more desired Active Directory events. Just like ADAudit Plus granular reports, these alerts are broad-based in scope – listing all related audit characteristics for the alerted event, including - who did what actions when and from where.

Events are defined by action – object mappings, wherein, underlying audit actions and their operational correlation with domain objects are defined. This constitutes a thorough and comprehensive user desired Active Directory event alerts.

Further ADAudit Plus allows granular / filtered selection of objects down to an individual(grass-root level) Domain user(s), group(s) or computer(s). The granularity in defining events and the comprehensiveness of the alerted audit information are beneficial to administrators in initiating timely remediation.

Notification of alerts via email:

Any alert is complete on being delivered to mailbox of intended recipients. ADAudit Plus allows one to select one or more desired / undesired active directory change events and configure them to be emailed as alerts to one or more users. These alerts will be delivered right to the recipients' inbox.

Some Active Directory changes as discussed above might require alerting but not necessarily flood an administrator or other recipients' inbox. Those alerts can be viewed directly on the ADAudit Plus web browser from any where in the network. The facility in ADAudit Plus that allows one to view all alerts on its web browser and enable email alert notifications for selected Active Directory changes helps in an organized and effective administration.

Alerts in ADAudit Plus are categorized and can be cleared or deleted at convenience.

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