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ManageEngine ADSolutions vs Netwrix Auditor

Comparison of ManageEngine ADSolutions suite of products with Netwrix products.

Features Description ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory
Active Directory
Logon auditing Provides information on both successful and failed logons.
Account lockout analysis Notifies of a lockout along with information on the reason of lockout.
Object change audit Provides information on user, computer, group, and OU management actions.
GPO change audit Provides information on GPO management actions and GPO settings changes.
Permission change audit Provides information on changes to objects' permissions.
Schema and configuration change audit Provides information on changes made to schema and objects inside the configuration containers such as sites.
Azure AD audit Provides information on successful and failed user logons; changes to Azure AD users, roles, groups, devices, and applications.
File servers
File/folder access audit Provides information on file/folder read, create, delete, and modify actions.
File/folder permission change audit Provides information on file/folder DACL and SACL changes.
File/folder failed attempts audit Provides information on failed attempts to read, write, and delete file/folder.
Supported environments Windows, Windows failover cluster, NetApp, and EMC.
Windows servers
Local user logon auditing Provides information on both successful and failed logons on local machines.
Local object change audit Provides information on local user and group management actions.
Local policy change audit Provides information on changes to local security policy.
File integrity monitoring Provides information on new programs and modifications to executable files.
AD Federation Service auditing Provides information on both successful and failed AD FS logons.
LAPS auditing Provides information on who is viewing or modifying local admin credentials.
User work hour tracking Provides information on employees' actual work hours (excluding idle time).
Printer auditing Provides information on printer usage.
Key functionalities
Real-time auditing Allows tracking of security events in real-time.
Real-time alerts Provides instant notifications upon of security events.
User behavior analytics Allows detection of abnormal user behavior based on users' previous activity patterns.
Video recording of user screen activity Allows capturing of user screen activity even if no logs are produced.
Who, when, where, and what of changes Provides complete user audit trail— who did what, when, and from where.
Before and after values of changes Provides information on changed attribute values (before and after) of AD objects.
Quick search Allows tracking down specifics quickly.
Graphs Provides a visual representation of audit data.
Prepackaged reports Provides audit data with one click.
Report customization Allows creation of reports according to user needs.
Compliance reports Provides prepackaged IT compliance reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and GDPR.
Automated report generation Allows automatic generation of reports at user defined time intervals.
Automated report delivery Allows automatic emailing of reports to user specified email addresses.
Export of reports Allows the export of reports to multiple formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, and HTML.
Alert delivery Allows email and SMS delivery of alerts.
Alert thresholds Allows configuration of thresholds based alerts.
Incident response Allows execution of a predetermined action when an alert gets triggered.
Long-term log retention Allows long term retention of audit data.
SIEM integration Allows forwarding of audit data to SIEM solutions.
Web-based console Allows access to the product over the web.
Multiple domain auditing Allows configuration of multiple domains for auditing.
Role-based access Allows role-based user access to product.
Evaluation and purchase
Evaluation Provides online demo, free instant trial, and personalized demo.
Ease of installation Does not require professional assistance to deploy the solution.
Licensing and pricing Does not require professional assistance to deploy the solution.
  • Licensed based on the number of Domain Controllers/ File servers/ Windows servers/ Azure AD tenants
  • Pricing starts at $595 (annual subscription fee for 2 DCs).
  • Licensed based on number of Active Directory user accounts.
  • Pricing starts at $12* per AD user.

Disclaimer: While much care has been taken to prepare this document, we give no warranties whatsoever, including but not limited to the accuracy of any information contained therein.


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