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Windows File Server vs Windows Server

Windows File Server Auditing

Windows file servers are computers and storage devices dedicated to storing files in a NAS / SAN setup [Network-attached-storage (small scale) / Storage-area-network (large scale)]. Protect the sensitive data by knowing who did what change, when and from where.

Windows Server Auditing

A Windows Server is a computer that runs an operating system in the Windows Server family, belongs to a domain, but is not a domain controller. Windows Servers typically function as the following types of servers: non-dedicated file servers, application servers, database servers, Web servers, certificate servers, firewalls and remote-access servers.

For a detailed review on the differentiation & auditing possibilities, have a look at the table below.

Description Windows Server Windows File Server
Windows File Server Auditing
Windows File Server / Windows FailOver Server Clusters, Securely track document changes, folders audit-access, shares and permissions Cross Tick
All file or folder changes (Including hidden shares) / folder settings / permission changes, user / server based changes Cross Tick
Know every failed attempt & successful file creation, modification, deletion, moved or renamed, copy-n-pasted Cross Tick
NetApp Filers
View all NetApp Filer CIFS shares changes with reports on files created / modified / deleted, permission changes & failed attempt to file read / write
Cross Tick
Windows Server Auditing
Windows Server
Detailed reports: Summary report, process tracking, policy changes, system events, object management (local users / groups) and scheduled tasks
Tick Cross
Logon / logoff audit, logon history, logon duration Tick Cross
System start, stop, audit log clearance, terminal services activity & RADIUS logons Tick Cross
File Integrity Monitoring
Monitor attempted / changes to configurations, files (Log, audit, text, exe, web, configuration, DB) & file attributes (dll, exe and other system files)
Tick Cross
Printer Auditing
Audit printer usage, recent print jobs, user / printer based reports
Tick Cross
Removable Storage Auditing
Monitor all file or folder changes, file read / modified / copy and paste. (Supported in Windows Server 2012 & Windows 8)
Tick Cross
Common Features
Custom Reports
Logon / logoff audit, logon history, logon duration
Tick Cross
Schedule Reports
Choose from the pre-configured audit reports for automatic periodic report generation- right to your inbox. 50+ Search Attributes | Filter reports on business / non-business / all hours
Tick Tick
Email Alerts
Instant on-screen alerts and emailing of alerts to your inbox! User, time and volume based threshold alerts
Tick Tick
Data Archiving
Audit printer usage, recent print jobs, user / printer based reports
Tick Tick
Compliance Reports
View pre-packaged Compliance specific reports for SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, PCI-DSS & GLBA
Tick Tick

Windows File Server Auditing helps audit storage devices (Windows File Server / Windows FailOver Cluster / NetApp Filer). Monitor every file / folder changes along with access / permission events.

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Windows File Server Auditing: $395 (for 2 servers)
NetApp Filer Auditing: $295 (for 1 NetApp Filer)

Windows Server Auditing helps monitor servers configured in the Windows Server Environment with detailed reports on Local Logon / Logoff, Terminal Services / RADIUS logon activities, System events, Processes, Scheduled tasks, Summary reports.....

Know More: Windows Server Auditing | Printer Auditing | File Integrity Monitoring | Removable Storage Auditing

Windows Server Auditing: $495 (for 10 servers)

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