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Many organizations rely on human resource management systems (HRMSs) to manage employee details. Whatever the size of your organization, instances like new hires, employee resignations, and team or location changes are commonplace. This leaves IT administrators in the lurch, dealing with constant requests to create new user accounts, modify account details, or deprovision those accounts whenever necessary.

So, can user accounts be automatically created or modified in Active Directory (AD) when the HR team adds new users or alters existing user details in their HR application? Or is this just wishful thinking? With a combination of ADManager Plus and HRMS applications, you can! This integration makes AD account management a breeze for IT administrators and HR managers alike, with complete hands-free user provisioning, management, and deprovisioning.

Benefits of integrating ADManager Plus with HR applications:

  • Automated user provisioning in AD whenever the HR team enters a new record.
  • Instant updates on AD user accounts when corresponding user's details are changed.
  • Steamlined deprovisioning for deleting users in AD, along with their Exchange mailboxes, Office 365 accounts, and more.

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Learn how to integrate ADManager Plus with Zoho People, Ultipro, BambooHR and Workday

In addition to all this, ADManager Plus also facilitates error-free bulk user management through:

  • CSV file import with rule-based, intelligent user provisioning and reprovisioning templates.
  • Integration with database applications like MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Delegation of single or bulk user management rights to IT technicians.

ADManager Plus is a web-based solution for all your AD, Exchange, Skype for Business, Google Workspace, and Office 365 management needs. It simplifies several routine tasks such as provisioning users, cleaning up dormant accounts, managing NTFS and share permissions, and more. ADManager Plus also offers more than 200 prepackaged reports, including reports on inactive or locked-out AD user accounts, Office 365 licenses, and users' last logon times. Perform management actions right from these reports. Build a custom workflow structure that will assist you in ticketing and compliance, automate routine AD tasks such as user provisioning and de-provisioning, and more. Download a free trial today to explore all these features.

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